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    SJWs Rant

    November 30, 2015 by AdamGregory03

    Hey. I know I haven't been very active on this wiki, but... Might as well come back with a bang. So I don't know if I'm too late to this party or not, but I'm sure this is still a problem, even outside of Steven Universe.

    So-called "Social Justice Warriors".

    These people claim to be fighting the good fight, to end racism, body shaming, homophobia...

    And there's nothing wrong with that. Indeed, no one should be shamed/slandered for their race, physique, or romantic orientation. But there's one problem...

    Most of the time, the stuff they harp on can barely be classified as racist, body shaming, or homophobic.

    I don't think I need to bring up how Zamii was cyberbullied to near suicide just because she drew Rose Quartz as a skinny lady, considering…

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  • AdamGregory03

    So, for those who don't know, I have created my own AU for the series. My AU is a crossover AU with superheroes of DC Comics, but before that I had an AU that crossed over with Marvel Comics that I even turned into a fan fiction series that I called "Steven Marvelverse". And if the title wasn't a dead giveaway... I'm bringing it back in 2016, newer and better than ever! I realize it'll be difficult writing my own Death Battles, Skylanders: Chronicles, and this Steven Marvelverse reboot all at once, but I think I can manage it. Probably.

    Well, anyway, the reason I cancelled the original Steven Marvelverse AU is for the following reasons:

    • DC made more sense for a crossover at the time.
    • I got tired of the series I was writing.
    •'s go…

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  • AdamGregory03

    Most of the time on social media sits like tumblr and DeviantArt, I see so many blogs and journals and stuff like that about how a character's development is one of the best parts of this very show. How Garnet is secretly suffering from the burdens of leadership. How Pearl's love for Rose is way more than just thirst or salt. How Peridot's really not a bad guy despite... y'know...


    But there's one character who I never really see talked about too often. A character whose development is rarely brought up, and probably because out of all the characters on the show, he's the most underdeveloped by comparison. And that character... who the show is named after.

    Now, don't get me wrong. Steven does unlock his mom's powers and he does g…

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  • AdamGregory03

    B I N G O
    An episode about Pearl's thirst for Rose A new fusion Gem Shipping episode At least one episode about fusions Lapis Lazuli appearance
    At least one character being emotionally traumatized New song(s) Another Rose Quartz flashback episode Homeworld shenanigans A new Gem
    Our hearts ripped out and stomped on
    Just cross this one off, we know it'll happen every time. Diamond Authority appearance FREE SPACE One "filler" episode Visiting the Kindergarten
    Nod to the fanbase Bringing up the fact that Garnet is a fusion An episode focusing on a minor character Greg doing a thing At least one fan theory proven right
    Episodes that are somewhat similar to previous episodes and yet different Intense character development Lesbian stuff
    Again, you can probably…

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  • AdamGregory03

    It's been no secret that I've been doing a lot with my Steven Marvelverse AU. Mostly because I'm a fan of both Steven Universe and Marvel Comics. But recently I've been having... second thoughts about it. I know it may seem like a little too late, considering I've already posted numerous pictures about it and have two episodes up on, ask well as an ask/dare thing for the Beach City Avengers, but... One review on got me thinking. I won't say who the person is to respect his privacy, but the review was this:

    "You know, the ironic thing is Marvel is owned by Disney and Steven Universe is owned by Cartoon Network which worked with DC Comics."

    And the thing is, whether he intended to or not, that's a very good point.…

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