Hey. I know I haven't been very active on this wiki, but... Might as well come back with a bang. So I don't know if I'm too late to this party or not, but I'm sure this is still a problem, even outside of Steven Universe.

So-called "Social Justice Warriors".

These people claim to be fighting the good fight, to end racism, body shaming, homophobia...

And there's nothing wrong with that. Indeed, no one should be shamed/slandered for their race, physique, or romantic orientation. But there's one problem...

Most of the time, the stuff they harp on can barely be classified as racist, body shaming, or homophobic.

I don't think I need to bring up how Zamii was cyberbullied to near suicide just because she drew Rose Quartz as a skinny lady, considering it's a story most legitimate Steven Universe fans know and cringe at every time they hear it... But, she's also gotten slammed because she drew Asian characters with slanted eyes (Even though most Asian people in real life have slanted eyes), because she drew a Native American girl with red skin and Native American clothes (Again, pretty common, or at least it was), and also because she...

Drew Connie's nose too small...


Just because something is drawn in a stereotypical way, that doesn't automatically make it racist. Like, say someone just drew a picture of a black person with bigger lips, and then say someone else drew a picture of several black people getting decapitated by a white man shouting "SUPERIOR RACE!" ...Which one of those pictures is truly racist?

My point is, if Zamii really was racist or a body-shamer, she would've drawn those pictures in a seriously negative light, and she very clearly didn't.

And then there are the people who despise people who ship Pearl and Mayor Dewey, or Garnet and Jamie, or other ships like that...

First of all, what does it matter if they ship straight couples? It's not like their headcanons affect the show in any way. I could ship Peridot and a fire hydrant, that doesn't mean Peridot suddenly has a sexual attraction to inanimate objects on the show!

Secondly, a lot of people claim to defend their hatred for these ships because they "contradict canon". And true, there's no denying the homosexual undertones of the show, but here's something I find funny: The people who use this excuse don't ever bring this up.

What are the five canon ships on the show?

Steven and Connie, Rose and Greg, Rose and Pearl, Lars and Sadie, and Ruby and Sapphire.

That's three of the five canon ships that are straight.

This has even gotten to the point where the show's creators have attempted calling them out on their fanbase's bad behavior, telling people to draw whatever they like or ship whoever they want. And yet, the fanbase has then called THEM out on it, as if there's something wrong with them saying "Yeah, we're totally cool with you drawing fan art and coming up with your own headcanons."

And you wanna know what the worst part is about these people?

Whenever you try calling them out on their bad behavior:


We do need equality. But taking away other people's rights isn't equality.

Rant over.

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