Hello, any potential readers! 

My name is Addfire, as you likely know, and I am going to be writing a bit of fanfiction over the off-colors. Specifically, I'll be creating a seventh Off-Color: Serpentine. If someone else already creates and identifies with a Serpentine, well, sorry for stealing your gem. 

Obviously, there is no Serpentine, nor is there a seventh Off-Color. I'll try to make Serpentine's non-existance workable in the Steven Universe... Universe... but this is not intended as canon in any sense. 

If any of the characters (Rutile Twins, Fluorite, Rhodonite, Padparadscha) act out of character, I apologize in advance. This is, in a sense, my first true fanfiction. I garantee that I will mess up. 

Now, to talk about the appearance of Serpentine:

Serpentine has the gem pictured underneath on the outside side of her left thigh.

0038053 green-serpentine-cut-oval-8x6mm-090-cts

She is slender, and a little taller than the average human. She has three eyes. She wears a bodysuit which is black with dark green lines wrapping around her in a sprial pattern. Her skin is a slightly lighter shade of green than her suit, but still relatively dark. She wears a braided belt. 

Her hair is grey, and falls down to her shoulderblades. Her eyes are sea-green. Her three eyes are aligned like human eyes. The middle eye is small, and opens sideways. Normally, it is closed, and looks like a worry line. 

Her weapon is a katar which she weilds on her right hand. 

She has a weak form of photokenisis, which manifests itself in the ability to create a soft green glow around her body like an aura. That, coupled with certain actions of hers, caused her to join the Off-Colors, because most Serpentines are able to act as flashbang grenades. 

Her actual name is Serpentine Facet-8C6Y Cut-3PR. 

I'll probably see if I could find someone to draw her for me so you don't need to read through that whole mess.

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