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P.S.: This fanfiction follows the show's original canon up to Log Date 7 15 2.

New Mission Part 1

As the deep black slowly gained color, she realized her eyes were open. She was still a little dizzy and her vision was blurred. She didn't know who she was, where she was, or what had happened.

As her vision got better, she was frustrated to notice that it didn't change much, because wherever she was, it was still too dark to see. But it was light enough for her to see that she was inside some sort of human made structure, with many unidentified objects scattered around.

Her face welcomed an expression of surprise and horror as she suddenly remembered who she was and what had happened.

"The mission! Malachite... I'm free?!" Jasper loudly spoke.

She quickly regretted speaking so loudly as she figured she must've been captured by the Lapis Lazuli or by the Crystal Gems. She was afraid she could have alerted the enemy that she had reformed.

She tried comforting herself by considering the possibility of having been rescued by Peridot. Jasper knew that Peridot owned her own life to her, because of a certain accident on Homeworld that almost got Peridot shattered by her superiors. Jasper had defended Peridot, recognizing her innocence. She expected Peridot to repay the favor, it was the least she could do. Even if they didn't get along very well during their mission.

Jasper knew that sitting against a wall - the same position she reformed as - waiting for her captor to show up was a terrible idea, so she tried to get up, planning to escape and/or find Peridot.

She was surprised and terrified when she realized that she couldn't stand up.

"I can't move!" Jasper whispered to herself. She was indeed frozen, and a shiver went down her spine as she realized that meant her captor wasn't Peridot, and if it was, her intentions weren't friendly.

Jasper felt like she was about to explode. She didn't care anymore who captured her, she just knew someone would have to pay for it. She tried calming her anger with positive thoughts, like the gemstones of Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli being broken to hundreds of shards. That thought made her happier.

But it didn't last long as a new feeling joined the multiple ones she felt that moment. The strongest one. A feeling of sadness and deception. Jasper had failed her mission, she failed Yellow Diamond, she failed herself.

Life suddenly felt pointless. If she couldn't do what she was made to, what could she do? Jasper felt useless. She wanted to cry, but she was afraid that would ruin the tough gem image she had of herself.

She heard a voice, and a sudden beam of light hit her eyes. The gate of the barn was opened, and the moonlight invading it made her able to see the silhouettes of two short figures walking in.

Rose Quartz and Peridot.

--To be continued--

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Update: Part 2 here.

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