Good afternoon everyone, I've come with an amazing little tool that could help enhance your chat experience called PICCOLO!

PICCOLO is a chat script that adds buttons when you hover your mouse over a username or message. These buttons have different functions that do different things. Here are a couple of the functions:

  • Hide is a useful tool you can use when you see a message you don't want to use. Simply hover over a message and click on the 'Hide' button and the message will be replaced with "This message has been hidden."
  • Quote quotes the message in your chatbox so you can add onto it, it was inspired by the quoting feature found in Skype.
  • Block is a non-mod only tool that a user can use when they click on the 'Block' button next to a hovered username. It hides all messages the user makes from then point, and can be reverted by clicking 'Block' next to their name when hovered.
  • Ignore is another non-mod only tool that prevents users from pinging.
  • Ping is a function that adds the username to your chatbox. Pinging will be described in bigger detail later.
  • Private Message is a function that allows you to PM users without having to meddle through the user list. Simply hover over a username and click 'Private Message' and you'll be in their private messages!

Not only does PICCOLO enhance normal user experience but mod experience too, by hovering over a normal user, mods can select 'Kick,' 'Ban,' or 'Ping' to help make them get to problem users faster than before, and with a couple new pings mods can have more control over what goes on in the chat.

  • All users will be pinged when a mod posts a message with '@everyone' in it. If a user allows it to be, a notification will also appear with the message on it.
  • Mods and users can notify other mods by using '@mods.'
  • All users are pinged when an '@' symbol is placed before their name unless they are ignored or blocked.
  • Users can also configure their own pings in their chat.js

PICCOLO is a great way to improve and simplify your chat experience, and here is how you install it!

Copy the following code to here and edit it accordingly.

// Load up the ping sound and color.
var PING_SOUND = '';
var PING_COLOR = "#00DDFF";
// Loads up the ping list.
// Loads the styles for the script.
    type: "style",
    articles: [
// Load the script up itself.
  type: "script",
  articles: [
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