Coming from a troll himself, and a year-long admin on Sonic Fanon Wiki, which if you know anything about Sonic, is a troll magnet, I'm here because I was sort of asked to give you all a couple pieces of advice in the topic of dealing with trolls.

First of all, I'd like to explain what a troll is. A troll is a user who attempts to incite a negative reaction for their own amusement. This could be anything from jokingly putting up a "steven universe sux" thread and giving preposterous reasons, to posting hate speech in chat against gays, blacks, etc. That's all a troll is, a jester who's jokes go a little too far.

Step by step, the one universal thing that should be done amongst ALL users is this: ignore them, and don't make a negative reaction, feeding the troll by making an angry counterstatement makes you no better than the troll that posted the first message, and even being educated about it isn't going to do you good either. Next, you should hand the issue over the mods, who should hopefully not feed the argument but swiftly and silently deal with the issue.

With that said, now I can go on with the parts of my original post on SFW that matter the most here.

First off, all users need to be wary of these sorts of behavior before they accuse the person of being a troll.

  • Are they using profanity?
  • Are they being violence?
  • Do they talk non-stop about the bad topic and obsess over it?
  • Do they personally attack people?
  • How do they act when the mods come in? Do they get edgier?
  • How do they act when a mod tells them to stop? Do they keep going, attack the mod, and/or leave?
  • Did they join in a large wave? Do all these users have similar names?

The latter is a point I always make when deciding if the perpetrator is kick-worthy and not just being cynical, why? Well, sometimes people link wiki chats on their wiki with a large group of people, and they will make a sockpuppet on their wiki because you can't get your IP blocked on a wiki you didn't edit or make you account on. Usually, when this sockpuppet invasion happens, they will choose similar names.

We seem to do better with newer users than SFW, so I'm not going to touch that part unless I'm asked to, and as far as mod ettiquette with trolls, from what I've seen, you mods usually stick it in and end the issue with the right amount of decision. Decision is something that you need the amount of. Too little means you are bound to be too strict and called a hard-ass, and too much will lead to a chaotic chat.

Another thing I'd like to make note of is that minimodding is only bad when mods are on, if you're minimodding in a chat full of mods, please go to the corner and think about what to you, you are purposely making yourself a total pain in the ass to the mods, and we need you for when they aren't around. Interfering with the mod's plans will not only get the perpetrator taken care of, but it can get you penalized as well, so please, don't act like the night in shining armor, we have like a dozen of those with assorted gemstones next their name.

That seems to be it, nothing else to touch up on, just a man with some experience, giving that out to whoever plans to read this, and sorry about the blank appearances, my Wikia doesn't show an "OK" button when it asks for the blog name, and the edit button is blocked out.

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