Roaming eye icon
Are you having problems getting from one facet to another?
Tired of incompetent Rubies driving those potentially explosive Roaming Eyes?
Want to get to Rose Quartz' trial without missing a word?
Then we here at the Diamond App Authority have just the app for you!

Designed and coded by our best Peridots, iRoaming is sure to make your travels across the galaxy a blast, but without the deadly explosions and possibility of getting lost in space! Whether you're conquering a planet, terraforming a world's oceans, checking on the status of a classified geoweapon, or kidnapping humans and returning home with a rebel leader, iRoaming is sure to make your mission even better!

All you need to do is sign up, enter your information, request a ride, and watch as your Roaming Eye travels towards your location indicated by the live star map.

It's that easy!

Thank the Diamonds that they gave us this amazing tool that only us, the elite gems of Homeworld can use! Now you can ride from facet to facet in style, hang out with your friends at the spire without wait, and watch fugitives scatter through the underground Kindergartens!

Get iRoaming for free today, right from the holoscreen store!

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