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The boardwalk of Beach City was completely vacant, its citizens having evacuated in short notice to ensure their safety from the approaching army of monsters that rose from the shore, guided by their brutal and cunning leader, Jasper. The warrior clad in red stripes ordered her armies to swarm the beach and infiltrate the enemy base, destroy the Crystal Gems, and bring back Rose Quartz, then they were to force her to enter their valuable storage of corrupted gems and free them, ensuring the decimation of Earth’s human population and once again finish what Homeworld started with the colonization of the planet.

As Jasper and her army approached, she saw company ahead, the Crystal Gems, made up of Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. She saw no sign of Rose, Lapis, or Peridot, but she knew very well the gravity behind the meaning “strength in numbers,” and smirked at the idea of shattering the three opponents before her.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the boardwalk, Steven, Connie, Greg, and Lapis helped the remaining citizens evacuate out of the city, helping cars leave without hassle and making way for buses to pick up waiting refugees and take them to safety. As the crowds began to clear, Steven told Greg to take Connie to her parents and stay until either him or one of the Gems said it was safe enough to return.

“What? Why wouldn’t you be able to tell me if it is safe?” Greg asked.

Steven looked at his father, “I’m preparing for whatever could happen.”

“No, Steven, I’m… I’m not letting you fight Jasper!” Greg urged.

Connie looked at Steven and joined in, “I refuse to leave knowing you might need my help!”

“No, Connie, dad, you need to go, the Gems need me and I don’t want to risk either of you getting hurt, please understand!”

Peridot ran from the boardwalk to Lapis, gasping for air and telling Lapis something, immediately she looked at Steven, “Steven, the Gems have spotted Jasper approaching shore!”

“Steven! I will not leave unless I know you don’t need me!” Connie said.

“Yeah, and you’re not going anywhere unless I know you’re going to be safe!” Greg added.

Steven looked at Connie, “Connie, you’ll be safe if you do this.”

“I don’t need to be safe, I need to be with you!” she pleaded, a tear running down her face.

Greg looked at the two, and then he looked at Steven, his son, his life, if he lost him he would lose everything, his business, his van, his will to continue. He grabbed Steven’s shoulder and turned his son to face him.

“Steven, I’m not letting you go anywhere unless I know for a fact you’re going to come out of this in one piece, you can’t lie to me or go your own way this time, Steven, I am your father!”

“Dad, I am 14 years old,” Steven said, “I have a duty to protect this planet, I was made for it!”

Greg stopped, tears running down his face and neck, his mouth about to open until Connie interrupted him.

“I have a duty to protect you, Steven, I was made to be there for you!”

Steven felt conflicted, but he couldn’t spend any more time arguing, Jasper was now in Beach City, and he had a world to protect. He looked at Lapis.

“You know what to do,” he said to Lapis.

Lapis nodded and opened her wings, flying off to the ocean.

“Peridot, stay with dad, if I don’t return he’ll need a new son,” Steven commanded.

Peridot tilted her head, “wait, what’s a son?”

“No! It doesn’t work like that Steven!” Greg called out, but Steven was already a ways ahead, running to battle.

Connie ran her fingers through her hair, “I can’t let him do this, he needs my help!”

Jasper and her army hit the shore, where she immediately met opposition. The waves began to recede, building potential, slowing down the progression of her armies. Quicker than it started, a large wave larger than a six story building assembled itself above the armies and crashed itself down, forming random bonds on anything left standing, inflicting massive pressure that crushed them. Many managed to fight it off however and quickly made to shore, where legions of corrupted Gems put the blue Gem flying above them in their sites and jumped to attack. Using the distraction, Pearl unsheathed her spear and charged into the battle.

“For Earth!” she cried out.

Immediately, two monstrously sized Gems from each wing flanked her, overwhelming her and forcing her to carry evasive maneuvers. Pearl, as fast as she was, could not take on four massive brutes, and as such she dodged each attack and with careful precision managed to poof one corrupted Gem before being jolted from behind by a larger behemoth. Garnet fired her gauntlets at the approaching beasts, stunning one and destroying the other, and Amethyst took on the one attacking Pearl. The attack managed to merely disorient Pearl, but a next attack may not do so lightly. Amethyst and Pearl saw no way out of this other than fusion, and immediately became Opal, which raised a brow from Jasper, as she pursued Lapis.

“Lapis, fuse with me,” Jasper said, “you don’t really support these defectives, you’re just here for Rose, and between you and me, I don’t see her fighting alongside her so called comrades.”

Lapis raised an enormous wall of water, sending it crashing into Jasper, “how dare you question my loyalty to Steven, I will never go through what you put me through again!”

“Understand what we could do when we are fused though, we will be bigger, stronger, we will be more powerful, just think of everything you ever wanted and how we could do it now if you were to fuse with me!”

Lapis became distraught, “No! What we did was terrible and I will never go through with it again, you’ve heard me the first time!”

Jasper frowned, “then you leave me no choice,” and with that said she charged into Lapis, knocking her back into the hillside, immediately destroying her form.

The sound of a Gem’s form getting destroyed turned heads across the battlefield, Garnet’s jaw dropped as she threw a monster onto another, and Opal nearly unfused.

“None of you are safe from now on, when we are finished with you we will destroy that pathetic excuse for a Gem you call Steven and then every filthy life form on this planet, the Great Diamond Authority will suffice!” Jasper chanted.

“You wouldn’t!” Opal cried, firing an arrow at Jasper, but only before an enormous monster rose from the sea and toppled down on top of her, causing her to unfuse and poof.

Garnet continued to fight, using her pent up rage to take out on the monsters that attacked her, she sensed the giant monster’s motions with her future vision and grabbed the monster in front of her by the horns and threw it towards it as it charged towards her, shaking the earth. Nothing happened as the monster was destroyed by its horns, and instead the creature roared and reared up on its two legs, preparing to slam down on Garnet before a rip opened in its chest, as Steven hopped through it riding Lion. As Lion landed on the ground Steven held the great beast’s gem in his hand, causing the monster to disappear into thin air.

“Good work,” Garnet said.

Steven looked around, “Where is Lapis and Pearl?”

“Poofed, alongside Amethyst.”

“Wha… What?” Steven gasped, turning his attention to Jasper.

“Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I stepped foot on this miserable excuse of a planet,” she said, digging her feet into the ground, preparing to charge.

Bracing for impact, Lion released a concussive blast from his mouth, knocking Jasper back, but that failed to stop her once the roar was over, and Jasper charged, right into Steven’s shield, knocking him into Garnet.

“I’m sorry Garnet!” Steven said, getting up.

Garnet nodded and fought off the next monster as they flocked around her.

“Come and get some!” Jasper roared, running towards Steven.

Steven saw her approach, “Uh-oh,” he said, floating upward, laughing.

“What?” Jasper said, “How did you…”

Jasper jumped up and grabbed Steven by his head, inciting a gasp as Jasper threw him face first into the ground. Jasper picked him up by the hair once more and threw her fist into Steven’s face, only to be caught by Garnet, who threw her back into the sand. Garnet stood over Jasper, her gauntlet inches from the orange warrior’s face, ready to fire.

“Your monsters have been defeated, concede and we will go easy on you.” Garnet demanded.

“You think I would surrender to two weak Gems and that… freak!” she said, referring to Steven.


Jasper laughed, “Accept it, you’ve grown soft since the rebellion, you don’t shatter Gems anymore, you believe in things like conceding and bubbling.”

Garnet’s fist remained still.

“I have something to say about this, CONCEDE TO THIS!” Jasper said, pulling Garnet towards her and headbutting her, causing Garnet to explode into nothing but a ruby and a sapphire.

“Garnet, no!” Steven shouted.

“Your army has been destroyed, Rose, or, should I say… Steven…” Jasper said, smiling as his name escaped her mouth, “how about we deal with this, Gem versus Gem, or whatever you are.”

“Hmph.” Steven said, preparing his shield.

Jasper charged at Steven, only to be deflected by his shield. The amount of emotions Steven put into his powers made him multitudes more powerful than Jasper, and with each attack he dodged, floating up or zipping from one side to another. A barrage of shields would be thrown at Jasper from one side, and then from another, catching her off guard, but something was missing, Steven’s abilities, while potent, weren’t designed to take down an offender, he needed…

“Steven!” a voice called out, breaking his train of thought.

Steven looked over and saw Connie rushing to the scene with her sword, putting Steven’s guard down and making him susceptible to a punch in the gut by Jasper, throwing him into the hillside and causing it to collapse in an enormous landslide.

Jasper yelled, “Why don't you just crack already!”

Using his bubble, Steven repelled the rocks as they fell onto him and he held his hand out to Connie, foreboding her from coming any closer.

“I have to do this Steven, it’s my duty, it’s my… purpose!”

Steven’s face became numb as Jasper turned around and saw the human professing her duty to protecting Steven. She smiled as she realized just how to get him to crack.

“Is that so?”

Connie looked at Jasper and pointed her sword at her, “I’m not afraid of you, Jasper!”

Jasper walked towards Connie, her posture relaxed and open. Connie charged, swinging at Jasper only for the blade to be caught in Jasper’s hand. She lifted her the sword up, lifting Connie with it, and then proceeding to grab Connie by the arm, raising her to show Steven.

“So this must be your mate… Steven.” Jasper said, still adjusting to the name.

Steven remained still and numb.

“I know what a human is, I know how they work, and I know this is how you… kill one...”

Steven’s eyes widened and he immediately zipped forward, but in a split second, faster than the blink of an eye, Jasper threw Connie down with extreme force, filling the air with a loud crack. This made Steven fall to the ground and onto his hands and knees, his face wearing an expression of defeat as he saw Connie’s dead and broken body just inches in front of him.

Jasper put her foot on Connie’s back, pushing it down, creating several sickening popping sounds. She laughed, filling Steven’s soul with more angst and loss.

“You know… Steven… I was trained to be a warrior, created even, my purpose in this universe was to serve My Diamond by destroying insurgents like you, and whatever it takes to do that, I will do. I will have fun knowing that I have fulfilled my purpose by eradicating this world of you by tearing you apart piece by piece,” Jasper stated, putting her foot in front of Steven, blood from Connie’s body dripping off of it and getting soaked by the sand, “tell me Steven, what is your purpose? What did Rose create you for? So you could live a short, meaningless life like every other Gem-forsaken creature on this planet?”

Steven gulped, “No… I was created for something more…”


“I was created…” Steven said as plants began to sprout around him, “TO DESTROY YOU!”

Grass shoots shots from the ground and wrapped around Jasper like vines, their bonds growing tighter and stronger as more shoots grew from the ground in seconds, suddenly, Jasper muttered something inaudible as Steven launched himself into her as such high speed a sonic boom crackled in the air. A shock collar formed around Jasper’s back as Steven flew thousands of feet into the air with her, and as soon as the ascent, then the descent quickly began, the shock collar growing sharper and larger until the two crashed into a roadside, creating an enormous crater, knocking back asphalt and stopping cars in front of it. Jasper pushed Steven off, somehow still up and in working condition, the collision having enough force to destroy any ordinary Gem.

“You’ve failed once again Rose, the Great Diamond Authority will prevail!” Jasper said, grabbing Steven by the hair and throwing him into the asphalt road.

People began to get out of their cars and run back to the city, where Jasper immediately noticed and looked at Steven, “how about I let you rest here while I have to some fun.”

“No! You don’t know what you’re doing!” Steven cried out.

Jasper grabbed Steven by the shirt collar and threw him a couple running from the commotion, knocking them onto the ground. Jasper took pursuit and kicked Steven aside into the nearby car where he faced the two humans on the ground, stunned.

“Look at this, do you see these puny humans?” Jasper said, lifting them up and shaking them.

“Please, please don’t do this to us!” one of the humans pleaded.

“Shut up!” Jasper said, throwing the other human into the ground.

The human still being held screamed, “What have you done to my husband?”

Steven got up, but Jasper immediately threw the other human at him, killing her on impact and knocking the car off the road. Jasper looked at the car next to the one Steven was in front of and picked it up, lifting it over Steven.

“Too bad Homeworld never cared about organic life, or they would have done this sooner!”

Jasper threw the car down on Steven, but amazingly Steven somehow managed to stop it from hitting him by holding his arms out. Jasper, dumbstruck by his strength, which was previously unknown to her, lost her focus and was smashed into the ground as the car was slammed into her face. She grabbed it and threw it to the side, now fully enraged by her inability to get rid of Steven once and for all.

“This ends now! Prepare to meet your annihilation!” Jasper said, tripping onto her face as she tried to take a step forward.

“What?” she cried out, looking at the ground as she saw gem fragments on the ground. She immediately tried to reach for her nose before poofing into nothing.

Steven stood up, blood oozing from his head, nose, and from numerous cuts and scrapes on his body. He and the rest of the Crystal Gems managed to successfully fight off this invasion, but not without loss. As he recollected what just happened, Steven realized the potentially irreversible damage on Lapis, Pearl, and Amethyst, and let’s not forget Connie. His mind stopped at Connie, and that is when he collapsed and blacked out, his physical human form suddenly getting off of its Gem-linked adrenaline high, and assessing the damages.

Steven woke up in his bed, it was late at night and he was covered in cold sweats. He shakily got up, pain shooting across his entire body, causing him to lose his breath. He tried to scream, but no air managed to come out. He instead fell on his bed, writing in pain, unable to breathe. Out of the corner of his eye he saw someone come upstairs, was that who he thought it was?

“Steven! You’re awake!” Connie said.

Greg and the Crystal Gems including Lapis immediately came up to check on Steven, excited to see him up.

Seeing Connie’s face, Steven managed to calm down and breathe again, he looked into Connie’s eyes and went forward to give her a kiss. The two held their lips together for nearly half a minute before Steven pulled back.

“What happened?” Steven asked.

Connie blushed, “Well, you saved the world.”

“But, you died, I saw it, I… What?” Steven broke, on the verge of tears.

“Well, as Pearl said, one should always come prepared…” Connie said, pulling out a smashed box of Durian Juice.

Steven looked puzzled, “What?”

“You said the first time we hung out that it was nothing but backwash.”

Steven’s blushed, a tear of joy racing down his cheek as hugged Connie. Greg and the rest of his family quickly joined in, the worry and tough times finally having been over. The camera focuses on Steven’s joyful face in the usual star shape before the episode ends to the credits.

I always thought, I might be bad,

Now I’m sure that it’s true,

‘Cause I think you’re so good,

And I’m nothing you like you…

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