The human zoo has been around for 5,750 years, assuming it was set up around the same time the Gems invaded. You'd think, with that amount of time, they'd lack the ability to speak English at all, would interbreed and form a singular appearance, and have a much larger population.

In this blog, I'll be dividing all these in different sections so I can explain each thing more clearly.


5,000 years ago, we all spoke dead languages, considering the different places each person came from I think we can assume they'd speak something totally different (they made something entire new! haha!) from what we speak, however, if the Gems spoke the same language, there is a chance they could have picked that up. There would be changes of course, but that explains the accent that they all have.


This revolves entirely on the idea of how many people were originally in the zoo, it also revolves on how the choosening worked, in the episodes, we see them assign partners based upon how much they possibly liked each other? If this were the case, it would make sense for them to maintain separated appearances... for the first three or four generations. Why three or four? Here is why.

  1. First generation has no idea what is happening.
  2. Second generation knows what is happening but the first generation tells them they have no idea what is happening.
  3. Third generation knows what his happening.

By the third generation, everyone would know each other and be comfortable with each other. They'd ignore the other races, facial features, eye colors, hair colors, and would respect each other regardless, resulting in undiscriminated choosing of partners. Three generations is sixty years, and we're talking about three-hundred generations here. By the time Steven and Greg entered the zoo, everyone would be the same look for the most part, probably mid-toned, black hair, brown eyes with an eastern appearance.


I mentioned previously there were three-hundred generations. There are sixteen total humans in the zoo, excluding Steven and Greg, meaning that if we do the math backwards, we should be able to get the total amount of people originally in the human zoo.

About 97% of births are singletons, so we safely assume that for every one person there are two people.

To make the number more precise, we'll be multiplying sixteen by two-hundred and eighty-eight, the two-hundred eighty-eight comes from the actual amount of generations I calculated, I just rounded up.

Anyways, once you do the math, you come up with four-thousand, six-hundred, and eight people.

There were an estimated eighteen million people on Earth around the copper age, when this Gem occupation happened, meaning Homeworld took a total of about 0.00256% of the world's population at that time.

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