so I got bored and kept making icons, and now I'm bored again, so tell me stuff to make and I'll give you a really crappy drawing I made with your idea

Edit: They're icons, so use them if you want. Also keep in mind that I've only had the ability to draw digitally for about a week so don't expect a masterpiece.

stuff I've already made: 

  • Shiny Giratina
  • Mega Banette
  • Gastly
  • Opal (for, well, Opal)
  • Zeldapphire (for Koo, it's a final product unlike Judge's Zeldapphire :^))
  • Sabatman (for Evan)
  • Jascar (for Aqua)
  • Perifarmer (for Chromematic)
  • Tetrapphire
  • Zuko (for MarshMelon)
  • Robothyst (for KieRor098)
  • Sablettra (for Evan)
  • Lapis (for Iceauror8)
  • Garnetton (for SUandMixels)
  • Sabletux (for Evan)
  • Rainbow Quartz (for Opal)
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