Lets all take a deep breath.

That was a huge bombshell. A StevenBomb, if you will.

For those of you who ignored the SPOILERS warning, you decided to continue reading this so don't blame me for this:

Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond

As of A Single Pale Rose my last theory was proven.


But this raises many questions, and as you saw in the title, mine explores Jasper. I wanted Jasper to be redeemed as much as anyone, because her story, though she was ruthless, was very sad.

That being said, I think this development spells out a redemption ark. Specifically Jasper's. I know she has been corrupted, but if Steven can find a way to heal her, she could see Pearl's memory, see that Pink Diamond is Steven, and, maybe, just maybe, get a redemption.

(This is just a theory, so please don't rip me apart. I am just as flawed as you.)

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