My theory is that White Diamond's court  is the creator of the Pearls and our Pearl. we know our Pearl is from homeworld and was under Pink Diamond's court but was she originally from White Diamond? Our Pearl has the same gem placement as White Diamond as we see in the mural in the episode "It could of been great" and the Pearl's that we have seen also have the same gem placement as their owners.I think that White Diamond's pearl was our pearl this would explain the same gem placement and why Peridot says "she looks like a fancy one too" meaning she is a fancy pearl from a diamond such as Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl they look pretty fancy compared to our Pearl.But since our Pearl was claimed "defective" by Jasper it could of been that she was going to be shattered for being defective and this is where rose stepped in and saved her as our Pearl was changing sides to Pink Diamond. Pink Diamond was most likely not accepting by the idea but was pursuaded by Rose to keep the defective Pearl. and soon later starting the rebbelion with our Pearl.

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