As you all know, the show will reach the 120 episodes soon, but fans are worried because of the low ratings and CN leaking every episode to come, such as the Out of This World bomb which was a week very important and tough to develop and it was all leaked. Fans fear then that these "accidents" are actually pushing Steven Universe to get cancelled because of low ratings, also they are worried that the show might end in Season 5 which is of course pretty unlikely, at least for me, because I once read one of Matt Burnett's twitters stating that although the list of seasons were altered (I mean, they changed Season 2A and 2B to simply Season 2 and 3) that the series will be still going on. Despite they speculate the show will end with 156 episodes, which is the number of the episodes overall, I still think the remaining episodes from Seasons 4A 4B and 5A and 5B can still be saved and aired, I don't know how, but I'd like to see the series end with over 200 episodes overall. That's my opinion.

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