Well, this has been a fun month. For those of you unaware, me and (named at the time of this writing) Robyn Grayson ran a bet. The bet rules can be found on this thread. Poor old Robyn put up a valiant effort, but in the end, she lost. And not only did she lose, she lost pretty early on. At June 2nd, poor Robyn unknowingly failed to wish a happy birthday to an obscure user known as Break of Dawn. But holy hell, let's look at what she DID do.


Robyn managed to say happy birthday to almost 90 different users. Even obscure ones that don't talk much or haven't been heard from in months. Her task was pretty much impossible and she not only kept at it but did a amazing job.

But, unfortunately, Robyn still lost. And the punishment is the loss of the name Robyn Grayson. She is to take on a name of my choosing. I was keeping this a surprise because I thought it was funny to keep people guessing and in suspense. And now it is time for the unveiling. Robyn Grayson, as you shall last be officially called, your new name is to be...

Champion Robyn Grayson

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In regards to your effort in an impossible task, I declare you as a champion. Congrats, dude! Change your name immediantly

And with that, this bet has been wrapped up. Thanks for following everyone. Oh, and Happy birthday! 
March 21,2016 (Birthday Edition)
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