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    I decided to write more horray! This was inspired by a piece of writing I saw on this very wiki by XxGaiaxX which I decided to expand and play with more until I came up with this.

    Green, that was all she saw. Correction, it was all she was allowed to see. On Homeworld at least, that was all that was permitted, a visor strapped to every technician. “It'll help you keep focus.” They'd insisted. True that may be but focus came at a hefty cost.

    Reality, she couldn't grasp and only seeing green could make that worse. Colour meant nothing to a gem like her, there was simply green. True the shade of green may vary on occasion but it was still green. The only exceptions were the occasional browns, she didn't like thinking of those.

    So when Peridot ha…

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    I made this same blog on fanon but I thought I'd bring it here for anyone interested. 

    Hiya, so since I installed I have learned how to make fanon logos! Since I enjoy making them and it's easy to to do on my freetime I'm offering them for free. I know this is the canon wiki, so if you guys want any text based logo in general I'd be happy to make it.

    • Do not rush me, I can only do these on a computer (aka when I am at home) and when I have acess to 
    • For logos, simply the font colour and the name are needed. 


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    Marinette/Ladybug Cult

    February 21, 2016 by Amethystkitten

    I've seen a dozen cults that differ from Steven Universe plastering this wiki so why not make a cult for my newest love, Marinette Dupain-Cheng aka Miraculous Ladybug. 

    I mean who could argue this character is borderline epic and awesome. She's kick ass and also relatable.

    If any of you don't watch Miraculous you should totally check it out, you'll get sucked in fast :D

    Anyway you know the Standard Cult rules apply. If you want you can mention that you're a member but since I'll likely make a sub page with the members it isn't necessary.

    Other than that just love the character and stay miraculous!

    Amethystkitten (founder)
    Lenhi (co-founder)
    Kmes the Awesome JJ
    Gray Pea Shooter

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    I've published a fanfiction here before but I felt like writing another so read if you wish. This is one of my personal headcanons that while they were aboard the gem warship, Pearl and Amethyst spoke to one another about the situation and how each feared death and their regrets. 

    Pearl awoke with each one of her limbs in pain. The surroundings were bleak, the cell she was in consisted of a yellow force field surrounding a green cubicle. Pearl’s memory was fuzzy, she could hardly recall the events of yesterday. Why was she here aboard this ship? Where was she going-”Steven!” she suddenly yelled as everything came back to her. This was it then, Homeworld had won and she was going to die

    Amethyst rubbed her eyes groggily as she awoke. It was t…

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    Welcome to the wiki! By now you've hopefully been here for quite a while and you've likely identified something interesting, signatures. If you don't know what they are let me show you mine just to give an example. 

    17:35, January 26, 2016 (UTC)

    Alright so as you can see, my signature consists of an image, some text and a whole lotta code. I'll be explaining how to make a signature and believe me there are many ways to do this that you can use to tag your posts and make them distinctly you.

    Before we get into the other code I highly advise you use

    in order to make sure your signature stays in the same position when edited. Before we go further I must tell you about tags but I'll just quote Andrey instead since he gave me a heck of an amazing e…

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