so since it's been almost 2 weeks since the movie aired, I'm here to give you all my spoiler-filled review and with that said there's your obligatory spoiler warning and without any further to do to quote a certain YouTuber let's just jump right into it.

so right off the bat I wanna say this movie has in some regards spark some excitement I had for the series that I had kind lost during the time span of S4 - S5, but that I gotta I love the Disney Esque exposition opening scene as it helps give context for people who are either new, don't really keep up with the series or just simply needed a refresher, and have a 2 year time skip and seeing Steven older and finally have a neck though one thing that kinda felt a little off-putting was seeing the diamonds newfound attitudes/personality which I get at this point it is to be expected that all the big secondary character development to happen off-camera but that still didn't change how it was slightly offputting though it really my enjoyment and do find their harmonized singing rather lovely,

moving on to the stuff on Earth I loved getting to see some of the human characters like Connie aged up as well though it definitely feels odd and weird seeing a lot of the beach city citizens look virtually the same, though moving on I really love getting to see a little town being build on Earth to commodate all the healed corrupted gems so that was cool and overall I really loved all the new musical numbers as to be expected since this movie was announced as a musical much like how the 2017 MLP movie was and getting these new renditions of the crystal gems and Steven's past throughout the song "Happily Ever After" was a nice touch but with that said let's move on to the antagonist of the movie,

the antagonist Spinel and her poisonous gem drill definitely added a sense of tension and intimidating factor but much like past seemingly villains she isn't actually all that evil but rather a misunderstood character with issues though in Spinel's defense unlike prior antagonists she hadn't built up to be this evil force that needs to be taken down so when Spinel got her sympathetic it's a lot easier to suspend your disbelief, though while I get that Rebecca Sugar stated on multiple occasions that there are no villains per say, if we are indeed getting a Season 6 then I'd like to see an antagonist that doesn't end up getting redeemed but that's just me, also I'm more angry towards to Pink Diamond more than ever, though it was nice getting meta moments and how Steven was able to help redeem Spinel was definitely better than how it was handled with previous antagonists, and I must admit it was pretty sweet seeing the diamonds decide to take in Spinel,

overall this was a rather really entertaining movie I liked getting to see new fusions like Steg and the whole gem resetter scythe weapon was pretty cool too and I'm glad we finally got to see some of Amethyst's backstory and Spinel's emotional conflict was pretty gripping, my overall score for this movie would be an 8/10, definitely an experience I won't forget.

anyways thank you all for reading my review and if you all don't please tell me your thoughts in the comments below :)       

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