Someone asked me to do That's My Lullaby so might as well

That's My Lullaby

Shut up, little newspaper
Let your dreams fly
Then one day, a fort

And guilty
get out
If you think you do not have bitter
I'm a little space

But a dream
He forced him to feel
The cure of my life
Helps to bite

to draw
Daughter and my hands,
Does anyone have arthritis?
My lullaby

But before you try to forget
I could not forgive my enemies
The problem is that I know
But I hate life.

So I think if you pay Emile

Oh, the battle of blood, but I

Defeat very angry
Pain counterpoint "
A Marine died, oh my!
My lullaby

Lira, but ...
I love that guy
He even read a killer.
Bad sites!

A dream, termites!
Uh, I mean little!
Then one day, a fort
Six kings!

Beat the drums of war
Happiness is the powerful agricultural stove

Joy of struggle
Answer me!
I heard a scream
Look! That guy!

waste of time
When our signaling server
My lullaby!

Yodel Adle Eedle Idle Oo

I heard you now
Here are the western thugs.
It is said to be the best
And they think he wrote a book to twist
Well, they're just as good as,
Not good enough,
So you should move the muscle

They are wrong guy to call me.
In addition, corruption is bad and ugly
And it is not seen as a child,
I'm doing intense

You, please consult the inactive dollar Oh Jodl -ALDE-Eedle-
It's sweeter than the way to the routine
Since iodine-dollar ALDE Eedle- or inactive when,
Why, look at the hypnotics get won the

He did not cry, did not grow up,
However, it has a good dogs
But when crack is XXXXL tag is not easy

Yes, you can, if you look at the bullish
Sure, you'll be able to yodel -ALDE-Eedle inactive
-ALDE-Eedle inactive Yodel
From yodel I -oo inactive -ALDE-Eedle

Here, people will
Side pockets 5 Sushi

Yes, I can be a yodel -ALDE-Eedle- Odle
Really serious cow sound
Yes, I can be a song for the inactive Tyrolean dollar -ALDE-Eedle- Oh
If not art, my big, big croup is suffering

The failure of the rope
Put in a transformer
He can hypnotize the whole world with the power of his ass

Yes! I'll ask the real Takeshi
Thanks to my idle iodel -ALDE-Eedle
I have a cow stuck inside my ass!
From what I can iodel inactive -oo cause -ALDE-Eedle
From yodel I -oo inactive -ALDE-Eedle

I'm The Bad Guy

The girl has no problem.
The principal, if one likes, is not afraid, I am.
I support your flying bird.
... I'm not a bad guy.

These you see,
Each pulsing my knees in front of me.
No man, woman or innocent.
Oh, what should I say?

This is bad.

Oh did
When they saw the star, they
The tour was given dead.
Oh, and it's exciting.
Is it bad.
Then he yelled to lose at home.

I'm bad!

Hey, are not you?
Give me the video.
And what to say.

I always had a soft cloth;
Nature reserves, and no way.
I like all weak, and when I see you cry.

I think that's a very funny thing.
I do not want help or butter.
And the gathering together of me and sent Galaxy.
in the
Here! Help!

Why do you feel?

If a girl.
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