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So as you know I was blocked for a MONTH now. And the reason was because I got into a fight with the admins. ALOT of them spammed my thread with memes and stuff. It was even stating why it won't become canon, it was worse than that. I called them out and they blocked me. I did fight with two of them on another wiki. But yeah. I'm done with this wiki. I just feel like I didn't have the best experience on here. Some of you were amazing like Sammyrashid15, and Amethystkitten. But like I said, I wasn't happy here. I only posted here because this was the only SU posting website I knew, and then I discovered Tumblr. 

But yeah. I'm done with this wiki. I was before all of the drama happened, but I never spoke about it or anything. If you wan…

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Augustariver Augustariver 6 July 2016

Fireworks - Amedot

Amethyst walks into the living room, from her door. She looks at the couch to see someone hiding under a blanket. She walks over and taps the person. "Steven? Are you okay?" She asks, thinking its Steven who's hiding. They won't answer.  Amethyst yanks on the blanket and tries to get it off, but they're holding on tight. The person under the blanket hears a firework and screams. "Peridot?" Amethyst asks, reconizing that scream. 

"Peridot isn't here," Peridot responds.

"Peridot.. Are you okay?" Amethyst asks.

Peridot throws the blanket off her, "No. Amethyst, I'm scared."

"Of what?" Amethyst asks.

"Those noises outside. It's been going on for an hour or two," Peridot responds.

"Those are called fireworks, Peri," Amethyst says.

"Oh.. Will they hurt…

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Augustariver Augustariver 1 July 2016

A Walk in Beach City - Amedot

It's a nice evening in Beach City. Peridot is watching Camp Pining Hearts, Lapis is traveling,  Steven is at Connie's house, Pearl is cleaning her room, and Garnet is in the Burning Room.  

"Hey Peri," Amethyst says.  

"Hi Amethyst," Peridot says. 

"Are you watching your nerd show again?" Amethyst asks.

"If you mean Camp Pining Hearts, yes. I am," Peridot responds.

"Ok," Amethyst says. "I'm going into town to buy some food. Wanna come with?"

"I'm busy," Peridot says.

"You call watching the show over and over again busy?" Amethyst asks.

"Fine, I'll come with," Peridot responds. Peridot gets up and climbs down from the loft. Amethyst puts on a coat and puts money in the pockets. The two walk outside. "The sky looks..pretty," Peridot says. 

"I guess,"…

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Augustariver Augustariver 28 June 2016

I am a monster - Amedot

                                                                               I am a Monster

Peridot sneaks into Amethyst's room to wake her up. She finds her laying down, on the floor, sleep talking. "Why are you saying this to me Dot? It's not my fault I don't know what I am!" 

"Amethyst!" Peridot shouts. 

Amethyst wakes up, "What!?"

Peridot puts her hands on Amethyst's cheeks. "Are.. Are you okay?" Peridot asks.

"I'm fine," Amethyst says.

"Did I do something to hurt you?" Peridot asks, not listening to Amethyst's response.

"Peri! I said I'm fine," Amethyst responds. Peridot nods. She lets go of Amethyst's cheeks and leaves the room.  She sits down next to Steven, on the couch.

 "Is everything okay? You look a little bit worried," Steven asks.


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Augustariver Augustariver 5 June 2016

My Review of In Too Deep

I finally just decided to voice my opinion on In Too Deep. Let's get started.

Super Watermelon Island - This episode was ok. I wish I didn't watch the leaks because basically the whole episode was leaked, so no suprising things.

Gem Drill  - I loved this episode. It was so beautiful. It made me love Steven and Peridot even more. I think these characters do well together and they bring out the best in them. "I love you Peridot," that was amazing. Peridot was never told anyone loved her until Steven did. She was a tool on Homeworld and she was to the Crystal Gems for some time. But now Peridot wasn't anymore.

Same Old World -  I liked this episode. It was leaked less then Super  Watermelon Island was, but leaked more then Gem Drill. I wasn't ex…

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