Note  : I don't know when this would take place, you can decide. I uploaded this a month or two ago but this one is rewritten and has more drama.


 After a mission that didn’t go so well, Steven goes to hangout with Greg, Amethyst is outside chilling and Garnet is drinking coffee. Feeling guilty, Pearl decides to apologize to Garnet. “Um, Garnet?” Pearl says looking nervous.

“Yes, Pearl?” Garnet replies calmly.

“I’m sorry that the mission didn’t go well. Its just that Amethyst-” Pearl says looking down guilty.

“Stop blaming Amethyst for YOUR own mistakes!” Garnet yells in annoyance.

“I’m sorry!” Pearl cries.

“I am not the one that you should be apologizing to!” Garnet tells Pearl.

“Who?” Pearl asks in confusion.

“Apologize to Amethyst,” Garnet replies.

“I guess I should,” Pearl says. Pearl goes outside to see Amethyst sitting near the ocean watching the sunset and sits down next to Amethyst.

Amethyst looks at Pearl and rolls her eyes “Why are you here?” Amethyst asks.

 “I came to apologize,” Pearl says to Amethyst.

Amethyst looks away annoyed. “About what, excactly?” Amethyst asks.

“I’m sorry about yelling at you for no reason. Maybe I wouldn’t if you weren’t so reckless. Maybe we could get along if you could stop being so-” Pearl tells Amethyst.

“Yeah! Yeah! Keep it up!” Amethyst interrupts.

“Excuse me?” Pearl asks.

“I said keep it up. You keep on apologizing and never seem to change your attitude!” Amethyst sarcastically says.

“Excuse me! I came up here to apologize for my actions and you-.” Pearl fires back.

“Hold on! Hold on! Let me rate this “heartfelt” apology. 100 percent. 5 stars. Ten out of ten! Okay. We’re done here. You can go now. Bye!” Amethyst interrupts.

“I came up here to apologize for my actions! And what do you do? You brush it off! I’m trying, Amethyst! Ever since Rose died you’ve been acting horrible!” Pearl stomps.

“Oh? Oh really?” Amethyst asks, hurt.

“YES!” Pearl answers.

“Here's a newspaper, Pearl! I’VE BEEN RECKLESS AND MESSY  AND LAZY AND WHATEVER YOU YELL AT ME FOR , MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! AND YOU NEVER CARED UNTIL ROSE DIED! I NEVER CHANGED! IF ANYONE HAS CHANGED HERE, IT'S BEEN YOU AND GARNET! It's not my fault I’m like this. It's not my fault you changed. We use to be so close. Whatever happened to that?” Amethyst says in tears.

“Amethyst,” Pearl says, trying to calm her down.

“You always yell at me for being myself, an overcooked runt! Well atleast I’m not a defective Pearl!” Amethyst contuines.

Pearl blushes and begins to cry quietly, “Don’t you dare call me that!”

“P, I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to,” Amethyst says with guilt.

“Mhm, you sure did,” Pearl says. Pearl puts her finger on Amethyst’s gem, “Don’t you dare ever call me that, again!”

“I said I’m sorry! You have yet to apologize to me! I don’t think you’re defective, you selfish idiot! You’re the one who always makes me feel bad about myself!” Amethyst yells, defending herself.

 “Amethyst, Your right, I’m sorry,” Pearl says, realizing her mistake.

“Yeah. Yeah. You should be. Because I’m tired of arguing with you, and I’m tired of you blaming me for NOTHING!” Amethyst yells.

“Amethyst… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. I know it could take awhile, but please forgive me. I want to fix things.. For the sake of Garnet and Steven, and so we could be happier.”  Pearl apologizes.

Amethyst wipes her tears, “I’m sorry I called you that, P. Even if you are one, I like you more then any other Pearl.”

“Thank you, Amethyst,” Pearl says blushing.

The two hug which ends the episode.

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