Garnet is in the Burning Room, alone, looking at the fused cluster gems. “It’s a shame that we..I.. have to bubble these gems,” Garnet says to herself, feeling guilty.

“It’s not fair! They were forced to fuse! We need to do something about it other than poofing and bubbling them!” Garnet argues.

“There’s nothing we can do for now,” Garnet says calmly to her other side.

“Yes there is!” Garnet yells.

“No there isn’t,” Garnet argues.

“How do you know!?” Garnet asks herself.

“I have future vision, I basically know everything,” Garnet replies.

“UGH! You always use those dumb powers and act like it's not a big deal!” Garnet yells near tears.

“Calm down!” Garnet says.

“No!” Garnet yells.

“It’s not a big deal,” Garnet says.

“That’s what you think! JUST GO!” Garnet yells. Garnet pushes her shoulders which causes the two gems to unfuse.

“Ruby,” Sapphire says.

“You never listen to me!” Ruby yells near tears.

“I do listen to you. You just let your emotions get out of hand,” Sapphire says.

“Well atleast I have emotions!” Ruby says crossing her arms.

“I do too,” Sapphire says.

“Doesn’t feel like it sometimes,” Ruby says drumming the ground with her fingers.

“You can fuss all you want. I’m leaving,” Sapphire says standing up brushing off her dress. Sapphire walks into the living room to see the gems there, shocked.

“Sapphire..Are you okay?” Pearl asks, shocked that Garnet unfused.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry,” Sapphire says about to sit on the couch. “It was just another of Ruby’s temper tantrums.”

Steven grabs a piece of pizza and puts it on a plate. He walks over to Sapphire, “Do you want to have a piece?”

“Why not?” Sapphire says. Sapphire takes a bite of the cheese pizza and sets it down.

“Is it bad that I like seeing Garnet together?” Peridot whispers to Amethyst.

“No, I like it too,” Amethyst whispers back, “It’s weird to see them apart.”

“I’m going to sort my swords,” Pearl lies. Pearl goes into her room.

“Yo Lapis and Peri! Wanna go chill outside?” Amethyst asks. Peridot and Lapis nod then go follow Amethyst outside.

“So..Is there anything you would like to talk about?” Steven asks Sapphire.

“There’s nothing to talk about. Everything is fine,” Sapphire lies eating her pizza.

“What about Ruby?” Steven asks.

Sapphire sighs, “Steven, I’ve told you before. Ruby never listens to me at first but in the end she’ll realize I’m right.”

“Well what happened?” Steven asks, worried.

“Ruby and I are arguing over the cluster gems. She’s right, it’s not fair that they were forced to fuse together but we can’t do anything, now,” Sapphire responds.

“Well Sapphire, sometimes you shut her out coldly and it makes it even worse. You should talk to her,” Steven explains.

“No,” Sapphire responds coldly.

“Why not?” Steven asks.

“It won’t work,” Sapphire responds.

Steven stomps his foot in frustration, “That’s just one possibility! There could be multiple! It won’t work unless you try, Sapphire! And I like seeing Garnet, I miss Garnet!”

“Steven, your right. I’m glad you're here for me when Ruby isn’t because I really need you when it comes to that,” Sapphire admits smiling. Sapphire stands up and gently hugs Steven. She then goes into the burning room to find Ruby talking under her breath.

“GAH! Why are you here?” Ruby asks.

“We need to talk,” Sapphire responds.

“You’ve said talking doesn’t work,” Ruby says, coldly.

“Well I was wrong,” Sapphire responds.

“Ok! I’ll talk! You never listen to me! It’s so frustrating! Sometimes you make me feel like I’m only good for being the harsh side of Garnet and not myself!” Ruby cries. Ruby begins to cry, “Why can’t I just have an opinion without being shut out by you, Sapphy?”

“Ru, I’m sorry I make you feel that way. I never mean to ,it's just that,” Sapphire says, feeling guilty.

“It’s your dumb future powers! They can be useful but sometimes,  but, it makes you seem like a complete jerk, Saph,” Ruby interrupts.

Sapphire begins to cry out of guilt, “I know! I always use my future vision and they ruin my relationship with the ones I love! I’m sorry, Ru. I love you!”

Ruby wipes her tears and looks at Sapphire. “Saph, I’m sorry. I always act like its just you. It’s not. It’s me too. I was so angry that I forgot to think of how you feel,” Ruby admits, feeling guilty.

“That is true. I’m sad about the cluster gems too. They were our friends and Homeworld took advantage of fusion by using them. It makes everything worse. I’m sorry I acted like that,” Sapphire apologizes, wiping her tears.

“It’s okay. I promise to not let my emotions get out of hand but you must promise not to act emotionless,” Ruby promises.

“I promise,” Sapphire says, smiling. Ruby pushes Sapphire’s hair out of the way of her eyes, which she finds attractive.

“Saph, Don’t forget I love you,” Ruby says.

“And don’t forget I love you too,” Sapphire says. The two begin to make out for a minute, then fuse back into Garnet. Garnet comes out of the burning room.

“Garnet!” Steven cries, happily. He hugs Garnet with a smile on his face. “I’ve missed you,” Steven says.

“I’ve missed you too,” Garnet says, hugging Steven.

The episode ends.

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