It's a nice evening in Beach City. Peridot is watching Camp Pining Hearts, Lapis is traveling,  Steven is at Connie's house, Pearl is cleaning her room, and Garnet is in the Burning Room.  

"Hey Peri," Amethyst says.  

"Hi Amethyst," Peridot says. 

"Are you watching your nerd show again?" Amethyst asks.

"If you mean Camp Pining Hearts, yes. I am," Peridot responds.

"Ok," Amethyst says. "I'm going into town to buy some food. Wanna come with?"

"I'm busy," Peridot says.

"You call watching the show over and over again busy?" Amethyst asks.

"Fine, I'll come with," Peridot responds. Peridot gets up and climbs down from the loft. Amethyst puts on a coat and puts money in the pockets. The two walk outside. "The sky looks..pretty," Peridot says. 

"I guess," Amethyst says. The two begin to walk. Peridot walks the wrong way. "Hey Peri. That's the wrong way," Amethyst points out.

"Sorry. I'm not use to your town," Peridot says. She walks up to Amethyst.

"If you want, we can hold hands. To stick together," Amethst suggest.

"Oh, ok," Peridot says. Amethyst grabs Peridot's hand, and the two begin to hold hands. The two smile at eachother and kinda blush.

"Your a pro at this!" Amethyst jokingly says.

"Well, actually. Steven made me hold hands with him once too," Peridot responds.

"Nice!" Amethyst says. She sighs, "Peridot, thanks."

"For what?" Peridot asks.

"Being here for me," Amethyst responds.

"Your welcome," Peridot says.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Amethyst asks.

"I'm still disgusted by that!" Peridot responds.

 "Peri, it's food. Food is amazing. Tastes and smells amazing," Amethyst says. 

  "Nope," Peridot responds.

 "Oh come on, Pearl," Amethyst says.

 "Shut up," Peridot jokingly says. The two giggle. "Fine." 

 "Lets go to Beach Citywalk Fries. I LOVE there bits," Amethyst says.

 "Ok," Peridot says. It cuts to when they show up at Beach Citywalk Fries.

 "Yo Peedee!" Amethyst says.

 "Hey Amethyst. Your back," Pedee says.

 "Yup. Steven and my girl Peri stopped the cluster. While Pearl, Garnet, and I kicked Malachite's butt," Amethyst says.

 "Nice. What will it be?" Peedee asks.

 "The usual bits," Amethyst responds. "Large please."

 "Ok," Peedee says. Amethyst puts money on the counter, Peedee takes it. Peedee gives Amethyst her bits.

 "Thanks dude," Amethyst says. Amethyst and Peridot sit down on a bench together. Peridot takes a bit and puts it in her mouth. She begins to chew and swallows it. "You like?" Amethyst asks.

 "It was okay," Peridot responds. The two smile and blush again. They begin to eat the bits and watch the sunset.


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