Alone at Sea

The Crystal Gems go on a mission. So Lapis and Peridot decide to go on an adventure but get stuck in the middle of the sea.

  • Peridot : Are we anything near land?

  • Lapis : I don’t know.

  • Peridot : UGH!

  • Lapis : Stop whining. It's not like I’m happy to be out here stuck with you either!

  • Peridot : Huh?

  • Lapis : I’m stuck here alone at sea with you! Does it look like I want to be?

  • Peridot : Umm.. Why do you still hate me?

  • Lapis : Well..Hmm… Lets think about that shall we. You held me prisoner in You're spaceship, you hurt Steven, and You're partly the reason I was stuck in that deadly fusion! AND NOW WE’RE TRAPPED HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN! Great job!

  • Peridot : I had no idea.

  • Lapis : You didn’t?  *begins to cry*

  • Peridot : Lapis, I’m sorry. But I’m better now.

  • Lapis : It doesn’t matter what You're like now. You can’t change You're past.

  • Peridot : What can I do to make this up to you?

  • Lapis : I don’t know. I just want to go back to the barn

  • Peridot : (holds hand) Then let's at least try.

  • Lapis : *blushes* Okay. Maybe we could fly back.

  • Peridot : You just figured that out?

Lapis and Peridot hold hands and begin to fly.

  • Peridot :  Waittttt! What are you doingggg?

  • Lapis : Flying back.

  • Peridot : This is scary!

  • Lapis : I know. But it could be our only way back.

  • Peridot : Hmph.

  • Lapis : Who knew the world could be so beautiful up here?

  • Peridot : You're right.

  • Lapis : You know. I’m glad you have a heart and want to save the Earth from the Cluster.

  • Peridot : *blushes* Well.. There are things on this planet worth protecting. I didn’t realize how cruel homeworld was for a long time. I guess we were just taught to say and do those things.

  • Lapis : Yeah. I guess I agree with you.

  • Peridot : Are we there yet?

  • Lapis : No but I think I can see shore.

  • Peridot : Yay!

  • Lapis : You know, Peridot, I guess I’m kinda glad I got stranded out here with you.

  • Peridot : Me too, actually.

  • Lapis : C’mon!

After flying for at least five more minutes, Peridot and Lapis finally make it to the barn.

  • Peridot : Home sweet home!

  • Lapis : Yeah.

  • Steven : Hey! You guys were gone for a long time. What did you do?

  • Peridot : We went on a adventure! Who knew the world was beautiful from that view!?

  • Steven : Did you have fun?

  • Peridot : A Lot! Lapis is a good pilot!

  • Lapis : *blushes* Uh, thank you.

  • Steven : I’m glad you too could finally get along. It's been a long day.

  • Lapis : Yeah.

  • Peridot : Hey Lapis. Thank you for taking me on that adventure.

  • Lapis : Your welcome.

Episode ends.

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