After the events of Hit the Diamond, the gems finally go home. Amethyst is about to go on the warp pad, when Peridot runs up to her.

"Wait! Before you go!" Peridot says.

"What?" Amethyst asks.

 "Thank you," Peridot says.

 "For what?" Amethyst asks, smiling but confused too. 

"I don't know. Other then Steven, you've been the nicest and closest to me. I like your company," Peridot responds.

 Amethyst blushes and shrugs, "Hehe. I love to entertain."

"And thanks for protecting me from those rubies," Peridot says.

"I tried to. But you protected us from being smashed by a fusion like that," Amethyst says.

Peridot smiles.  "Wait!" Peridot says. Peridot runs back to the barn and comes out a minute later. "I made this out of flowers. They're the same shade! Like you!" Amethyst blushes and puts it on her head. 

"Thanks. I'll miss you Peri," Amethyst says.

 "I'll miss you too," Peridot says. The two smile, and then hug. The gems warp back to the temple.

 Amethyst then puts her flower crown on a shelf.

 The end.

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