After the gems have been stranded for weeks, Peridot and Steven are in charge. They then hear the cluster start to awake.

"Peridot, what was that?" Steven asks, freaked out.

"I think it was the cluster," Peridot responds.

"You think?" Steven asks.

"Well not really! It's the cluster! It's hatching," Peridot responds, freaking out.

"Calm down! Calm down!" Steven says.

"Ok," Peridot says.

"What will we do?!" Steven asks.

Peridot sighs and gets up, "We stop it."

"Peridot, are you sure? It's just you, me and Lapis," Steven says.

"I know it's just us. But, A ; The gems have been gone for 1 week or so and have not returned yet. B ; If we don't stop it soon, we all will perish!" Peridot explains.

Steven sighs and says, "Peridot, I'm really scared. I miss the gems and I wanted them to come too."

Peridot smiles and offers her hand out for Steven to get up, "I am too. Atleast you have me."

Steven gets up and smiles, "Atleast I have you."

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