Amethyst walks into the living room, from her door. She looks at the couch to see someone hiding under a blanket. She walks over and taps the person. "Steven? Are you okay?" She asks, thinking its Steven who's hiding. They won't answer.  Amethyst yanks on the blanket and tries to get it off, but they're holding on tight. The person under the blanket hears a firework and screams. "Peridot?" Amethyst asks, reconizing that scream. 

"Peridot isn't here," Peridot responds.

"Peridot.. Are you okay?" Amethyst asks.

Peridot throws the blanket off her, "No. Amethyst, I'm scared."

"Of what?" Amethyst asks.

"Those noises outside. It's been going on for an hour or two," Peridot responds.

"Those are called fireworks, Peri," Amethyst says.

"Oh.. Will they hurt me?" Peridot asks.

"Depends," Amethyst responds.

"GAH!" Peridot yells.

Amethyst sits down next to Peridot and puts her hand on Peridot's hand, "Peri.. relax. If anything tries to hurt you.. they have to get past the great wall of Amethyst."

"Ok.. thanks," Peridot says.'

"Fireworks are beautiful. Do you wanna go watch them?" Amethyst asks.

"Sure.. as long as the great wall of Amethyst is there," Peridot jokingly responds.

"Don't worry. She'll always be there to protect you," Amethyst says. The two get up and walk to outside. They sit down on the sand. They watch a pink, blue, green, and purple firework go up into the air. "Isn't it beautiful?" Amethyst asks.

"Yeah, it is," Peridot responds, giving the star eyes. She looks away and blushes, "Just like you."

Amethyst blushes, "You think I'm beautiful? Out of all gems?"

"Yes.. Is that a bad thing?" Peridot responds.

"No. Not at all," Amethyst says. Amethyst puts her hand on Peridot's hand, which is on the ground. The two look at each other, smiling and blushing. Then they look back up at the sky, to see a purple and green firework.


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