After the events of Barn Mates and  Hit the Diamond, Lapis and Peridot finally live together. Peridot is in the drawing a design for the barn. Lapis comes in, "Hi."

Peridot turns around, "Oh hi."

Lapis steps forward, "What are you doing?"

"Just drawing a new design for this barn," Peridot responds.

"Cool," Lapis says. Peridot turns back to her work and Lapis curls her lips. "Peridot, I know we aren't the best of friends," Lapis says.

"I know that," Peridot says. "But I'm glad you don't hate me anymore. Thanks for saving me, twice."

"Umm, your welcome," Lapis says, looking away.

"It was pretty cool how you tore it down like that," Peridot says.

Lapis blushes, "It was nothing. It was just easy." Peridot turns around and smiles at her, Lapis smilles back. "Peridot, I'm sorry I was so mean to you. I had every right to be angry at you, but I had no right to destroy your voice recorder," Lapis says as her smile fades away.

"Thanks," Peridot says.

"I got you a new one," Lapis says. She pulls out a new one.

Peridot gets up and takes it out of her hands, "Thanks but.." 

"But what?" Lapis asks.

"You can have it. You need it more than I do. Like I said, this really helped me. When you can't open up to anyone else, you can open to this," Peridot says. She hands it back to Lapis.

"Thank you, Peridot," Lapis says. She smiles at her and walks out of the barn.

The End

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