So as you know I was blocked for a MONTH now. And the reason was because I got into a fight with the admins. ALOT of them spammed my thread with memes and stuff. It was even stating why it won't become canon, it was worse than that. I called them out and they blocked me. I did fight with two of them on another wiki. But yeah. I'm done with this wiki. I just feel like I didn't have the best experience on here. Some of you were amazing like Sammyrashid15, and Amethystkitten. But like I said, I wasn't happy here. I only posted here because this was the only SU posting website I knew, and then I discovered Tumblr. 

But yeah. I'm done with this wiki. I was before all of the drama happened, but I never spoke about it or anything. If you want to talk to me, or on the Degrassi wiki. I'll probably look sometimes, and respond to people on walls I'm in. But yeah.

Goodbye. I might return, but probably not for a month or two.

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