After Steven is put in to his bed, Amethyst walks outside to see Peridot gazing at the stars. "I'm glad your still here," Amethyst says. 

  "Me too," Peridot says.

  "You know, I was really upset when you betrayed us. I like you alot and you kinda threw it away," Amethyst says. She walks next to her.

  "But I didn't. I realized I like it here, and I like living with you and the others," Peridot says.

     "Yeah," Amethyst says. 

  "I've only told Steven this but it's hard to leave those feelings behind," Peridot says.

      "Finally! Finally some gem I can relate to. I was so confused, and I still am confused. I still remember those years, stranded there. I liked it there, but I like it here too.  Thinking of that place and that I was created in a evil mess is scary. I wanna think positive, but I'm thinking negative," Amethyst admits.

 "Excactly! Homeworld is full of evil! I was evil! It's hard.. I wanna erase my evil past but I can't. I'm so confused," Peridot says to Amethyst.

  "But good thing we changed paths," Amethyst said, smiling. 

   "Yeah it is," Peridot says, smiling. Her smile fades away, "I can't believe I spent a long time thinking you were the bad guy! You aren't! Your an amazing person!" Amethyst blushes. "I was a clod to think Yellow Diamond was some god that did good things."

 "You didn't know any better. Your are a clod though, my clod," Amethyst says. The two blush, smile, and giggle. Amethyst then lays her head on Peridot's shoulder.

                                                                   The end.

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