After several months being stuck with the Crystal Gems, Jasper has reformed but not completely. Jasper and Steven are on the porch stargazing.

“And that looks like a flower!” Steven points out to Jasper who isn’t paying attention. Jasper is looking away, sadly. “Are you okay?” Steven asks Jasper.

“Would you be upset if I told you?” Jasper asks.

“Told me what?”

“Steven, After being stuck here for several months with you, I respect you, I think you’re cool. I’ve learned many stuff from you and you’re followers. The truth is… I miss home. I’ve been stuck on this planet for over a year,” Jasper admits.

“Jasper, I’m not upset. It’s fine that you wanna go home. I would too if I were in that position. You can go home if you want too,” Steven tells Jasper.

Jasper smiles in relief, “Thanks for understanding.”

“You’re welcome,” Steven says. “Maybe to take your mind off things, we could skip rocks or contuine stargazing,” Steven says.

“Sure,” Jasper says. Jasper points up at the sky. “That looks like a Peridot,” Jasper says.

Steven looks up, “You’re right, it does.” Steven points up at the sky, “That one looks like a flower!”

Jasper smiles looking up at it, “It’s pretty. What type?”

“It’s an aster,” Steven answers as he picks up an aster. Steven gives it to Jasper.

Jasper blushes, “Thanks.”

Steven smiles and hugs Jasper, Jasper hugs him back.

After realizing Jasper is happy where she is, she says, "You know, I rather stay on Earth."

“With me?” Steven asks.

“With you,” Jasper answers. The two smile at each other.

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