Peridot is outside throwing rocks into the ocean, trying to get rid of the aniexty, sadness, and anger in her brain after what happened with Yellow Diamond. Amethyst comes out.

"Peridot, are you okay? You kinda stormed off," Amethyst asks. Peridot turns around. 

"I'm fine. Everything is fine!" Peridot lies, forcing a smile.

"Doesn't sound or look like it," Amethyst says.

 "Whatever," Peridot says, she then turns around and crosses her  arms.

"It's not whatever! Peridot you need to tell me what's going on! If not me, someone!" Amethyst tells Peridot.

 "Why should you care what I say and do and think?" Peridot asks.

 "Because, I'm your best friend," Amethyst responds.

 "Best friend or not! I don't matter!" Peridot yells.

 "What do you mean by that you don't matter?" Amethyst asks.

  Peridot turns around, "I'm just a Peridot. I'm nothing. All I'm made for is being a technican. And your a quartz." 

  "Where did you get that silly idea?" Amethyst asks.

   "Homeworld," Peridot responds. "But it's the truth!"

 "Who cares what Homeworld says? You may be a Peridot! But your the best one out of all of them," Amethyst says. "I like you for you."

  "I like you for you too," Peridot says.

 The two blush and almost kiss but Steven interrupts. "Hey Amethyst! I got your doughnuts!" Steven says. Steven hands the bag to Amethyst.

 "Hehe.. Thanks, Steven," Amethyst says, blushing. Steven runs inside. Amethyst kisses Peridot on the cheek and runs off. Peridot blushes and falls to the ground smiling.

 "I'm her Peridot," Peridot says, laying on the ground.

                                                               The End.

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