After over a month of Jasper’s return and bonding with the Crystal Gems, the only one she still had yet to bond with, Lapis.

  After, Jasper enters the beach house, Lapis leaves.  Steven notices. “Garnet, you’ve and Jasper kind of made up, why haven’t Jasper and Lapis?” Steven asks Garnet.

  “Well, Lapis kept Jasper at the bottom of the ocean for almost a year and Jasper kept her prisioner.” Garnet explains. “Trust needs to be earned not given,” Garnet says.

 “Oh, okay. Thanks!” Steven says. Steven runs to Jasper who is sitting on the couch. “Hey Jasper!” Steven says to Jasper who is quietly tapping her fingers.

Jasper looks at Steven and smiles.  “Oh hey, shrimp,” Jasper  says teasing Steven.

"Oh hey buff cheese puff!” Steven says teasing Jasper. The two laugh.


“So, whats up?” Jasper asks Steven.


“Follow me!” Steven says. Steven runs outside and Jasper follows him. They both find a sad looking Lapis sitting by the ocean.

Oh,” Jasper says in a voice of frustration.

Steven looks at Jasper firmly. “You guys need to talk,” Steven firmly tells Jasper. Jasper sighs and sits down next to Lapis.

Lapis looks at Jasper with disgust. “What do you want?” Lapis asks coldly.

“Steven says we need to talk,” Jasper tells Lapis firmly.

 Lapis chuckles, “About what exactly?” She asks.


 “About what happened,” Jasper responds.

"Okay, sure. You trapped me in your ship and abused me. And you hurt Steven!” Lapis yells in frustration. They look at each other in anger.

  “Excuse me? Sure, I did all that stuff, and i’m sorry. I learned how to change my ways after being stuck here for over a month! Stop acting like you always need to be angry about something! Stop acting like you're innocent! You trapped me at the bottom of the ocean in a deadly fusion! We could have died, Lapis!” Jasper fires back.

  Lapis puts her finger on Jasper’s chest. “YOU were the one who wanted to fuse!” Lapis yells back. “It's YOUR fault, YOU were stuck in that deadly fusion!”

 “Well, YOU risked YOUR life by doing that!” Jasper yells.

 “Stop!” Steven yells. The two look at Steven. “Can’t you guys even talk to each other without fighting? I just want everyone to get along, please!” Steven says in frustration. He looks at them upset.

 “Steven, I’m sorry we made you feel that way,” Lapis says realizing her mistakes.

“Me too,” Jasper says.

“Okay. Can you guys please make up or atleast try to?” Steven asks. The two nod then pause.

“Lapis, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I abused you, hurt Steven, and trapped you in the space ship. I really am,” Jasper says apologizing.

“Thanks, Jasper. I’m sorry I trapped you at the bottom of the ocean for almost a year,” Lapis says apologizing. The two half smile at each other. Jasper holds her hand up for a high five and Lapis highfives her. The two get up and go in.

The end!

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