Steven goes looking for Lion after the the gems leave. He finds him playing with Lapis. "Woah," Steven says.

"Hi Steven," Lapis says smiling while petting Lion.

 Steven runs down to see Lapis and hugs her. "Your okay!" Steven says.

"Yeah, I am. I decided after I woke up to go explore. I found this adorable creature," Lapis says.

 "Oh! That's Lion! My pet, Lion," Steven says.

 "You know, I used to think this planet was horrible. But it's not! After I saw this adorable thing, I realized it's beautiful," Lapis says, smiling.

 "It's great," Steven says. "Do you wanna go back?"

 "I can't. I wouldn't anyways. On this planet, it's so beautiful with beautiful things and you can be free," Lapis admits.

 "It's nice to know your thinking positive," Steven says, smiling.

 "Yeah," Lapis sighs. She gasps, "Are there more places on this planet with beautiful life forms?"

 "Yes. Listen, I know you aren't too keen on Peridot and the others," Steven says.

  "I know. I'm glad Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl didn't poof me or crack me or anything like that," Lapis smiles.

  "Yeah. I guess they learned from Peridot," Steven says. 

  "Yeah. I'm outraged with Peridot. She's the reason why I was trapped in that horrible fusion and threatened me alot," Lapis admits. She sees Steven's smile fade on his face, "Yet. I have to thank her. I like it here and she is the reason why."

Steven smiles, "Good. There are so many places on Earth that you might like. Do you wanna check them out?"

 "I'd love to," Lapis says. Lapis and Steven both get up. Lapis kisses Lion's forhead and they walk off.

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