I am a Monster

Peridot sneaks into Amethyst's room to wake her up. She finds her laying down, on the floor, sleep talking. "Why are you saying this to me Dot? It's not my fault I don't know what I am!" 

"Amethyst!" Peridot shouts. 

Amethyst wakes up, "What!?"

Peridot puts her hands on Amethyst's cheeks. "Are.. Are you okay?" Peridot asks.

"I'm fine," Amethyst says.

"Did I do something to hurt you?" Peridot asks, not listening to Amethyst's response.

"Peri! I said I'm fine," Amethyst responds. Peridot nods. She lets go of Amethyst's cheeks and leaves the room.  She sits down next to Steven, on the couch.

 "Is everything okay? You look a little bit worried," Steven asks.

 "I am worried. Amethyst is acting strange," Peridot responds.]

  "Describe it," Steven says.

  "I went into her room to find her. I found her laying on the floor, sleeping, I think. Talking to herself. Shouting its not her fault that she doesn't know what she is and why am I saying something to her," Peridot explains.

   "That isn't good," Steven says. Amethyst walks out, and steps onto the warp pad. Peridot gets up.

    "Where are you going?" Peridot asks.

   "Somewhere to think," Amethyst responds, holding her head. Amethyst warps out. Peridot and Steven look over to Garnet who is at the table.

   "She ran off to the Kindergarden," Garnet says.

   "Is that a bad thing?" Peridot asks.

   "Possibly. Last time, she lashed out and got into a fight with Pearl," Steven responds.

   "Ouch! We gotta go!" Peridot says. The two hop onto the Warp Pad and warp out to the Kindagarden. They find Amethyst throwing rocks, and talking under her breath. Amethyst looks up.

    "Why are you here?" Amethyst asks.  

    "Your upset! You need to talk to someone!" Peridot responds.

    "You don't know how I feel!" Amethyst yells.

    "I do," Peridot says. Peridot walks up to Amethyst and puts her hand out.

    "Why do you care about me so much?" Amethyst asks.

    "Your amazing. Your funny, your sweet, your understanding," Peridot responds.

     Amethyst blushes. She gets up and turns around. "Peridot, I know you think I'm all those things. I'm not. I don't know what I am. All I know, I was meant for evil. I was made by evil gems," Amethyst explains.

     "Amethyst.. I was evil myself. I was made by evil gems. Our past is in the past. We're now here, with the Crystal Gems, good guys, trying to save the Earth," Peridot says.

    "I know. But you were right," Amethyst says, tearing up.

    "About what?" Peridot asks.

    "I'm defective," Amethyst says. She turns around to Peridot, to have tears strolling down her face.

    "You are defective. But I'm defective too," Peridot says. "We're even." Amethyst half-smiles at Peridot. Peridot smiles back and hugs Amethyst.  The two let go and Amethyst grabs onto Peridot's hand. "What are you doing?" Peridot asks.

    "Holding your hand," Amethyst responds. 

    "Ok," Peridot says. The two smile at each other, and Steven smiles to see the two holding hands. The three of them warp back.

The end.


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