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Note : Peridot The Perky inspired this and this was on the fanon wiki but I edited somethings out and in.


Peridot comes out to see Steven and Amethyst are dancing to music on the radio. “Are you two trying fusion?” She asks.

Amethyst stops dancing and begins to laugh. “No, silly! We’re just jammin to some cool beats!”

“Oh.. Ok,” Peridot says.

“Unless you wanna,” Amethyst jokingly says.

Peridot blushes, “Um… I…”

Amethyst begins to laugh again, “Relax! I’m just joking!” Peridot nods. “Steven tells me that you tried to fuse with Garnet before,” Amethyst brings up.

“Oh yeah that.. It failed,” Peridot says in an embarrassed voice.

“Hey don’t sweat it. At Least you tried. When it came to me and Pearl fusing she said it was only for  “very dangerous situations”. Ha.. And then she pulled that stunt with Garnet..” Amethyst shivered. “So have you actually fused before?” Amethyst asks Peridot.

 “No, actually. On Homeworld, Fusion is for only for fighting… and I.. I guess I never got to be apart of that because I was just a normal Peridot,” Peridot responds.

“That sucks. You’ve been working hard, how about you take a break,” Amethyst suggests to Peridot.

“Ok,” Peridot says. Amethyst holds out her hand to Peridot. “What?” Peridot asks in a confused voice.

“Well, you never fused before. So, we could fuse now!” Amethyst responds.

Peridot blushes, “Oh! Sure!”  Steven changes it to something more romantic like. Amethyst and Peridot start to slow dance. They’re gems start glow. They then hold hands and Amethyst starts to swing Peridot around. She releases Peridot into the air and catches her which causes them to fade into Atlansitie. Atlansitie has long spiky lavender with yellow green highlights hair. She has Peridot’s top and Amethyst’s pants and thighs. She also has boots. Her height is around Garnet’s height. She also has Peridot’s visors and her nose, and Amethyst’s eyes and lips. She has one pair of arms and her skin color is lavender.

 “Peridot.. Amethyst.. You’re a.. You’re a giant woman!” Steven says with star eyes.

“Huh? We actually did it! I did it! We fused! WOOHOO!” The fusion says full of joy. “I never knew fusion was like this. But you do now! It’s like you disappear and become a whole new gem! It..It feels good but kinda weird. Hehe. It’s like I have my limb enhancers back!”

“GARNET! PEARL! AMETHYST AND PERIDOT FUSED!” Steven cries. Garnet and Pearl rush over to the barn door. Garnet smiles at the fusion and Pearl looks a little bit freaked out.

“Atlantasite,” Garnet says.

“Wh-What?” The fusion responds.

“How does it feel?” Garnet asks.

“Well..You see… This is my first fusion ever, and I never knew fusion was like this. It feels good but scary but weird!”

“Atlantasite, you are a experience. Make yourself a good experience,” Garnet repeats the same thing that she said to Stevonnie to Atlantasite.

“Oh. Ok. I like being fused, I like this feeling. But it’s nice seeing Amethyst face to face. But I don’t see why we can’t be fused longer, Right?”

“Atlantasite, you kinda remind me of my first fusion with Connie,” Steven tells Atlantasite.

“I-I do?” Atlantasite stutters. Steven nods. Atlantasite blushes and sighs, “Garnet, Homeworld would be ashamed of this.” Atlantasite almost refuses but pulls herself together.

Garnet takes her shades off. “So? Who cares? Peridot, you are not a homeworld gem anymore. You are one of us, now. Here on Earth, you can be yourself,” Garnet tells the fusion.

“You’re right. Thank you, Garnet,” Atlantasite says.

Ruby’s eye winks, “You’re welcome.” Atlantasite winks back.

After hanging out as Atlantasite for the evening they unfuse, when they do Amethyst is holding Peridot in her arms. She sets her down. They gaze into each other’s eyes and blush. They hug then Amethyst spins Peridot around laughing.

Amethyst, this was so fun!” Peridot tells Amethyst, smiling.

“It was!” Amethyst screams of excitement.

“Could we fuse again some time?” Peridot asks, nervously.

“Heck yeah! Anytime!” Amethyst responds. “I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Peri,” Amethyst says.

“Good night!” Peridot waves.

Amethyst leaves which ends the episode.

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