Note : I know this won’t happen but hey, why can’t I make a fanfiction?


Lapis is staring off into the distance coldly. “Lapis?” Peridot asked. “What do you want?” Lapis asked coldly. She turned around. “Tada!” Peridot said. She had a gift in her hand and held it out for Lapis Lazuli.

 Lapis looked at it confused and then looked at Peridot. “Ummm… What is this?” She asked. “Its a gift.. Someone told me that you give it to someone you care about to make them feel good.” Peridot said smiling. Lapis snatches it out of her hands. “I hope you like it.” Peridot said shyly.

 “I don’t want your gifts and apologies!” Lapis yelled in anger. “Huh? What do you mean?” Peridot asked in confusion. “I will never forgive you for what you did! Your selfish, mean! And you hurt Steven!” Lapis explained in anger. “I changed! Okay? I care about Steven, I care about Amethyst, I care about the others, and I care about the Earth!” Peridot yelled in a upset voice.

“Pft.” Lapis said. “If any one is selfish and mean here, its you!” Peridot yelled. “Says you!” Lapis says. “Yeah! I’m right! You only care about Steven! I gave a present to you offering to patch things up and you reject it!” Peridot yelled, upset, near tears. “Peridot..” Lapis said, starting to feel guilty.

“I’m not Homeworld Peridot anymore. I’m Crystal Gem Peridot! I care now! I want to be friends, but your to stubborn and selfish to realize I care!” Peridot yelled. Peridot looks at Lapis upset and then, runs aways in tears. Lapis stands there feeling guilty. She opens the gift. Inside there is a necklace with shells and beads.  Lapis picks up the note in the box and reads it out loud. “Dear Lazuli, I made you a necklace. I know I have done alot of bad things in the past like try to kill Steven and stuff but I’m better now. I’m helping my new teammates save the Earth, I even called Yellow Diamond a clod. I am ashamed of my past. I’m sorry. Please forgive and friend me. From, Peridot.” Lapis read.

 Lapis put the necklace on realizing she needed to apologize. She found Peridot in the barn crying. “Peridot. We need to talk.” She said. “Why? You don’t care!” Peridot said. Lapis sat down next to Peridot. “I’m sorry, Peridot. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the chance. I may hold a grudge against you but I need to forgive you. The past is in the past.” Lapis said.

 Peridot lifted her head from putting her head down. “Thank you, for that pretty necklace.” Lapis said. “You’re welcome.” Peridot said. Lapis got up and put her hand out to help Peridot get up. “I read the note. Thank you.” Lapis said. “You’re welcome.” Peridot said. Lapis and Peridot smiled. “Race ya to the drill!” Lapis said. “Sure!” Peridot said smiling. The two had a race to the drill and the episode ends.

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