Pearl is outside dancing to the music on the radio. Lapis sees and comes out to watch. After watching her a few minutes, Pearl stops. “That was amazing!” Lapis claims clapping her hands. Pearl turns around embarrassed blushing.

 “Ah.. Um.. You really think so?” Pearl asks.

 Lapis smiles, “Yes! It's so elegant!” Lapis claims.

 Pearl blushes harder, “Oh, thanks,” Pearl says. She nervously smiles at Lapis.

 Lapis looks at Pearl shy and blushes. “Can we dance together?” Lapis asks.

 “OH! Sure!” Pearl responds. The two begin to dance using a mix of ballet, jazz and ballroom. They begin to giggle.

  “I have to say you’re a good dancer!” Lapis says to Pearl.

“Thank you!” Pearl says. The two dance more and accidently fuse into Opalite. Opalite has light blue messy but curly hair, two pairs of arms, and one pair of dark blue eyes.

  Opalite grabs a strand of her hair and lifts up her right bare foot. Then she facepalms. “It was an accident!” Opalite says to herself. Lapis and Pearl unfuse.

They blush and look nervously at each other. “It was an accident!” They yell at the same time.

“Sorry, it's just - The last time I fused it was a disaster.” Lapis says to Pearl.

 Pearl shakes her head. “Sorry I pushed you away, it's just that I’ve had a similar situation too,” Pearl tells Lapis.

Lapis chuckles. “It's kinda nice. I mean sure we were slightly unstable but better then Malachite,” Lapis admits to Pearl.

 “That is a nice way to think about it,” Pearl tells Lapis.

  “Yeah,” Lapis says.

“This was a fun experience,” Pearl tells Lapis.

“It was,” Lapis says. “I’m going to go watch the sunset. Do you wanna?” Lapis asks Pearl. Pearl nods. The two go watch the sun set.

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