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Note : Hey guys! This is a fanfiction! This isn't anything that gives away a spoiler. I know it won't happen but maybe something like it could happen. Hope you guys enjoy my art.

(In the sea)

Peridot : AGH! We've been out here for hours searching for Malachite! And what do we get? No results!

Garnet : Be patient Peridot. It takes time.

Peridot : I don't wanna! I'm sick of this "life suit"! And I'm sick of sitting in this cold boat for nothing!

Pearl : Throw a temper tantrum isn't going to get us nowhere, Peridot.

Peridot : WHATEVER!

Steven : Whats up dot?

Peridot : Haha, very funny!

Steven : Want a cookie cat?

Peridot : What is a "Cookie Cat"?

Steven : A delicious treat!

Peridot : No thank you. I don't eat.

Steven : Why not?

Peridot : Gems don't need to. 

Steven : It might give you a boost of energy.

Peridot : What! No! Once again, we get it from our gems.

Amethyst : C'mon P-dot. Steven's right. Besides, you might like it.

Peridot : Fine! Gimme!

Steven : Hey! Say the magic word!

Peridot : What is the magic word?

Steven : Say please.

Peridot : Fine! (sighs) May I please have a cookie cat?

Steven : Yes, you may. (hands her one)

Peridot : (opens wrapper and sniffs it) Hmm. 

Amethyst : Just eat it.

Peridot : (takes a bite) Not bad. (swallows it)

Garnet : Hmm. I think we might have to go underwater.

Amethyst : Ya think!?

Pearl : Steven, Peridot. Stay up here, please.

Peridot : WHAT! WHY?

Pearl : Steven can't breathe underwater.

Garnet : They'll be fine. Steven can use his bubble.

(The gems get out of the boat)

Peridot : How do you move in this water?

Steven : You don't know how to swim?

Peridot : Um.. I...

Steven : You can walk right?

Peridot : Of course I can!

Steven : Then do it underwater.

Pearl : (shrinks the boat and puts it in her gem)


Steven : (bubbles himself)

Peridot : (flashlight projection)

Steven : Did you guys hear that?

Amethyst : Hear what?

Steven : Nevermind.

Garnet : We should all split up.

Pearl : Why?

Garnet : We can't all stick together. It won't do us any good.

Steven : But what if we find her?

Garnet : I'll know.

Steven : Ok.

Garnet : Amethyst and Pearl you'll go together.

Peridot : So, who do I go with?

Garnet : Steven.

Steven : YAY! (hugs Peridot)

Pearl : That means you'll be all alone.

Garnet : Don't worry. I'm never alone.

(Pearl and Amey head East, Garnet heads north)

Steven : Isn't it beautiful?

Peridot : Yes it is.

(They head West and look at the ocean)

Steven : Did you hear that?

Peridot : Umm. Hear what?

Steven : Nothing.

Peridot : I didn't know that lions could breathe under the sea!

Steven : What?

Peridot : (points at Malachite)

Steven : Lapis!

Malachite : HUH?

Steven : Lapis, your here.

Malachite : Go away.

Steven : Why?

Malachite : If I get distracted for one second...

Steven : Lapis, please let me help you.

Malachite : You can't help me!

Steven : Yes I can!

Malachite : No you can't! Just let me do this for you!

Steven : NO!

Malachite : (breaks down and unfuses)

Steven : Lapis! 

Lapis : Steven! (hugs)

Jasper : (gets up and breathes heavily) I'm free..Thank you, Steven!

Steven : Your welcome..

Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl : Steven!

Steven : You guys found us. 

Garnet : Future fusion.

Steven : Of course.

Jasper : (shivers and tries to swim away)

Amethyst : (summons whip and catches Jasper)

Jasper : LET GO OF ME!

Garnet and Pearl Summon there weapons.

Pearl : You messed with the wrong gems.

Steven : GUYS! STOP!

Garnet : (holds Jasper)

Steven : Leave her alone!

Pearl : (stabs Jasper)

Jasper retreats to her gem.

Pearl : (catches Jasper)

Garnet : (bubbles Jasper)

Steven : (holds bubble)

Lapis : Thank you, Steven.

Episode Ends.