Note : This isn't anything that is a spoiler. Its something I wrote by mysef.

(In the sea)

Peridot : UGH! We've been out here for hours searching for Malachite! And what do we get? No results!

Garnet : Peridot.. Calm down. It takes time.

Peridot : I don't care. I'm already sick of this life suit! And I'm sick of this!

Pearl : Throwing a tantrum isn't going to help us, Peridot.

Peridot : Whatever!

Steven : Hey! I brought  some cookie cats. Wanna have one?

Peridot : A cookie cat? What is a cookie cat?

Steven : A delicious treat that you eat.

Peridot : No Thank you Steven. I don't eat.

Amethyst : C'mon Peri! Maybe you'll like it.

Peridot : We don't need to eat though.

Steven : You don't need too, but it might give you a boost of energy.

Peridot : Fine.

Steven : (hands her a cookie cat)

Peridot : (takes a bite) Steven! This is really good!

Amethyst : Told you.

Peridot : (eats whole thing) Give me another one!

Steven : Say please!

Peridot : Fine. (sighs) May I please have a nother cookie cat?

Steven : (hands her one)

Garnet : We might have to go under water to find her.

Amethyst : Ya think?

Pearl : Steven.. You stay here with Peridot.

Peridot : Whats under water?

Steven : Why? I wanna come too!

Pearl : Your half-human. I don't think you can breathe underwater.

Peridot : Doesn't he summon a bubble?

Steven :  Please Pearl! I can summon a bubble.

Garnet : Yes you can.

Steven : Yay!

(under water)

Pearl : (puts the boat in her gem)

Steven : (bubbles himself) Its so beautiful!

Peridot : I guess.

Garnet : We should split up.

Pearl : Are you sure, Garnet?

Garnet : Yes. I am. I'll go by myself.

Peridot : So who do I go with?

Garnet : You'll go with Steven. 

Steven : Yay! (hugs Peridot)

Garnet : Pearl, Amethyst. You'll go together.

(Pearl and Amethyst go West, Garnet goes North)

(Peridot and Steven swim)

Steven : Isn't it pretty?

Peridot : Very.

Steven : Peridot.. I'm proud of you.

Peridot : For what?

Steven : Standing up for yourself, the earth, and us.

Peridot : I guess I did something cool.

Steven : I'm glad your with us now.

Peridot : Me.. Me too actually.

Steven : I heard something.

Peridot : I heard it too.

Steven : Hmm.

Peridot : Is that Lion? (points to Malachite)

Steven : Wait.. What!? Thats.. Thats Malachite!

Peridot : How do we unfuse them!?

Steven : Lapis..Lapis.. Are you there, Lapis?

Malachite : Steven! Why are you here?

Steven : We were looking for you.

Malachite : Go away! Jasper.. I mean Malachite is too dangerous.

Steven : This can kill you.

Malachite : Who cares?!

Steven : I do! 

Malachite : Please go away. I can't let Jasper in control.

Steven : No!

Peridot : Your too unstable!

Malachite : Huh? Peridot?

Peridot : I said YOUR TOO UNSTABLE!

(Lapis looses to Jasper and they unfuse.)

Steven : Lapis!

Lapis : Steven! Run!

Steven : No! 

Lapis : (passes out)

Steven : (picks her up)

Jasper : Why are you with him?

Peridot : Hes my friend!

Jasper : Friend!?

Peridot : Hes the reason why I'm still here! He  is the reason why I'm a Crystal Gem now!

Jasper : Crystal Gem! You trader!

Peridot : Back off!

Jasper : (grabs her)

Peridot : (kicks her)

Jasper : Get back here!

Peridot runs off to summon her weapon, which is a staff.

Peridot : (whacks Jasper in the head)

Jasper : (grabs staff and breaks it)

Steven : Peridot! C'mon!

Peridot : (grabs a big rock and throws it at Jasper)

Jasper's form is gone.

Peridot : What do I do with this!?

Steven : Bubble it!

Peridot : How?

Steven : Hold Lapis.

Steven bubbles Jasper.

Episode ends.

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