I finally just decided to voice my opinion on In Too Deep. Let's get started.

Super Watermelon Island - This episode was ok. I wish I didn't watch the leaks because basically the whole episode was leaked, so no suprising things.

Gem Drill  - I loved this episode. It was so beautiful. It made me love Steven and Peridot even more. I think these characters do well together and they bring out the best in them. "I love you Peridot," that was amazing. Peridot was never told anyone loved her until Steven did. She was a tool on Homeworld and she was to the Crystal Gems for some time. But now Peridot wasn't anymore.

Same Old World -  I liked this episode. It was leaked less then Super  Watermelon Island was, but leaked more then Gem Drill. I wasn't expecting a backstory. But I think they should've put more detail into it. Her backstory felt rushed.

Barn Mates - I loved this episode. Shelby did an amazing job voicing Peridot in this episode. You could really feel that Peridot was actually sorry and that Lapis was actually mad. Peridot lashing out at Lapis was amazing too. Lapis had no right to destroy her tape recorder. For me, Lapis is overrated and I was starting to try to love her but after this, I think she is an ok character.

Hit The Diamond - It was ok. I just didn't like Ruby and Sapphire were more concerened about flirting then Peridot. Then all they wanted to do was to search for Jasper. What was the whole point of this? 

There you have it, my opinion on In Too Deep.

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