"Huh?" Peridot asks, waking up in a place she would not normally be. Peridot looks up to find Yellow Diamond, "Um! Um! Um!"

  "You clod! You think you can outsmart me and run away! Ha! I will shatter you!" Yellow Diamond says. She smirks and steps on Peridot, poofing her and shattering her gem.

 Peridot wakes up and screams. "Peri! Are you okay?" Amethyst asks. 

 "Gah!"  Peridot looks at her and begins to cry, "No I'm not!"

  "Care to tell me what happened?" Amethyst asks, concerned.

   "I had a vision. I woke up some strange place and Yellow Diamond shattered me," Peridot responds. She sighs, "Ever since I betrayed her and she sent that eye to come after me, I've been afraid. I don't want to be shattered."

  "Dude. It was not a vision. It was a nightmare," Amethyst says. Amethyst puts her hand on Peridot's shoulder, "Peri, it will be okay. We'll protect you." Peridot half-smiled and laid her head in Amethyst's lap. Amethyst stroke Peridot's hair calming her down. They smiled at each other.

                                                                         The End.

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