Note : I don't know when this takes place but you can decide. Its just another dramatic argument between the two. Enjoy


After a mission that didn’t go well, Garnet is drinking coffee.

  • Pearl : Garnet, I need to apologize.

  • Garnet : About what?

  • Pearl : About the mission, that it didn’t go well. It's just that Amethyst-

  • Garnet : Stop blaming Amethyst for your own mistakes.

  • Pearl : Sorry.

  • Garnet : Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to Amethyst.

  • Pearl : I guess I should.

Pearl goes up to Amethyst who is sitting on the hand watching the sunset.

  • Amethyst : Ugh. Why are you here?

  • Pearl : I came to apologize.

  • Amethyst : Pft. About what exactly?

  • Pearl : I’m sorry about yelling at you for no reason. Maybe I wouldn’t if you weren’t so reckless. Maybe we could get along if you could stop being so-

  • Amethyst : Yah. Yah. Thanks. Keep it up.

  • Pearl : Excuse me?

  • Amethyst : I said keep it up. You keep on apologizing and never seem to change your attitude.

  • Pearl : Excuse me! I came up here to apologize for my actions and you..

  • Amethyst : Hold on! Hold on! Let me rate this “heartfelt” apology. 100 percent. 5 stars. Ten out of ten! Okay. We’re done here. You can go now. Bye!

  • Pearl : I came up here to apologize for my actions! And what do you do? You brush it off! I’m trying, Amethyst! Ever since Rose died you’ve been acting horrible!

  • Amethyst : Oh? Oh really?

  • Pearl : *nods*

  • Amethyst : Here's a newspaper, Pearl! I’VE BEEN RECKLESS AND MESSY  AND LAZY AND WHATEVER YOU YELL AT ME FOR , MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! AND YOU NEVER CARED UNTIL ROSE DIED! I NEVER CHANGED! IF ANYONE HAS CHANGED IT'S BEEN YOU AND GARNET! *begins to cry* It's not my fault I’m like this. It's not my fault you changed. We use to be so close. Whatever happened to that?

  • Pearl : Amethyst.. Your right. I’m sorry.

  • Amethyst:  Yeah. Yeah. You should be. Because I’m tired of arguing with you, and I’m tired of you blaming me for NOTHING!

  • Pearl : Amethyst… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. I know it could take awhile, but please forgive me. I want to fix things.. For the sake of Garnet and Steven, and so we could be happier.

  • Amethyst : *wipes tears and hugs Pearl*

  • Pearl : *smiles*

Episode ends

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