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 Steven and Peridot are in the temple talking and hanging out. “Steven, we need to go on a mission,” Garnet notifies Steven.

“Can I come?” Steven asks.

Garnet frowns , “I’m sorry Steven but you need to watch Peridot.”

“And we’re chasing after the slinker, he’s a toughie,” Amethyst points out.

“Excuse me, why do I have to be watched?” Peridot asks in annoyance.

“To make sure you don’t do anything stupid,” Amethyst answers.

“Peridot, I know that you’re a Crystal Gem too, but the others and I are more experienced in battle,” Garnet explains.

“I am experienced!” Peridot claims.

“Have you even summoned your weapon yet?” Amethyst asks.

“Grr.. Yes?” Peridot lies.

“Tell the truth,” Amethyst says.

“No! I’ve only used my limb enhancers! WHICH YOU DESTROYED!” Peridot admits.

“Hey, I’ve said I’m sorry!” Amethyst says.

Peridot rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.  “Come on it will be fun!” Steven says, trying to cheer Peridot up.

 “Steven, one more thing!” Garnet says.

“We love you!” The gems say at the same time before they head into Amethyst’s room. Steven blushes. The gems head into Amethyst’s room.

“Peridot stomps around annoyed muttering. “Why I can’t go with? I am perfectly experienced with weapons and that stuff!” Peridot says under her breath.

“I can hear you,” Steven casually says.

“AGHHH! I DON’T CARE!” Peridot screams of frustration.

“Listen, the gems probably didn’t want us to come because you haven’t summoned you’re weapon before andddd I’ve faced the slinker before, he’s hard to get it,” Steven says trying to calm Peridot down.

“Okay genius! You’ve summoned yours! Then how do I summon it?” Peridot sarcastically asks.

“Ummm...Well.. It’s kinda hard to explain. All gems summon there’s in there own way,” Steven explains.

“GAHH! YOU’RE NO HELP!” Peridot stomps.

“I need to find a way to convince the gems that they need Peridot,” Steven says to himself.

2 hours later..

“We’re back!” Amethyst claims.

“Did you find anything?” Steven asks.

“Nope, that sucker is hiding good!” Amethyst replies.

“ All we found was an ink trail, which lead us to nothing,” Amethyst continues.

After a minute of silence, Steven looks over to the couch where an upset Peridot is sitting and decides to tell the gems how he feels about them not letting Peridot come with, “Guys.. We need to let Peridot come a mission!”

“But Peridot has never summoned her weapon, before,” Pearl says, doubting Peridot.

Steven stomps his foot on the ground out of frustration, “So? She’s a Crystal Gem too! And she’s never gonna learn unless you bring her on a mission!”

 Garnet sighs, “Steven, you are right. We need to have faith in Peridot. Just like we did with you when you were first learning.”


 Steven smiles and runs over to Peridot, “Guess what?”

“What?” Peridot asks.

 “Well I convinced them to let you come with us next mission!” Steven says smiling.

 Peridot playfully tackles Steven, smiling. “You did? Thank you, Steven! You’re the best!” Peridot claims.

 “You’re welcome!” Steven says.

The next day, The gems go in the temple. “It’s messier in here then it was yesterday,” Pearl claims.

“Hey! Don’t blame me! Blame the Slinker! He’s hid in my room for over a year!” Amethyst jokingly cries out.

 They hear screaming and stomping. “It’s the slinker! Gems get your weapons out!” Garnet orders. Amethyst and Pearl summon their weapons.

 “I-I can’t!” Peridot says in a hurry.

“Stay back. We got this!” Amethyst says to Peridot.

The slinker arrives, the gems try to fight it but fails. The Slinker goes after Amethyst. “Get away from me!” Amethyst screams, running. The Slinker grabs her, but Amethyst tries to hold it off.

“Amethyst!” Peridot screams. Peridot summons her weapon out of fear and love, which is a lightsaber. She stabs the Slinker in the back with her lightsaber. The Slinker screams of pain which causes it to retreat.

Amethyst blinks, “Peridot, you saved me!”  Peridot blushes. “AND YOU SUMMONED YOUR WEAPON!” Amethyst cries of excitement. Amethyst picks up Peridot and gives her a big bear hug. She puts her down.

“Good job, Peridot!” Pearl says.

Peridot sighs, “I did it! I did it!”  Peridot, Steven, and Amethyst spin around of happiness. Garnet bubbles the gem.

“Another chapter is finally closed,” Garnet says. The gems laugh and the episode ends.

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