Hey guys! Rupphire is one of my SU otps. So I wrote a fanfiction! Enjoy!


Hours after the retreat of Rose Quartz and the birth of Steven Universe. Garnet sits on a rock arguing with herself.

Ruby : It's not fair.

Sapphire : I know but we knew it was going to happen.

Ruby : Then why didn’t we do anything!?

Sapphire : I..

Ruby : We knew it was going to happen! AND WHAT DID WE DO? NOTHING!

Sapphire : Calm down!

Ruby : I don’t want to!

Sapphire : Ruby, I miss her too but we have to..


Garnet fuses and they fall onto the ground. They both sit there in silence for a minute or two.

Ruby : Just.. Just go away.

Sapphire leaves Ruby alone and goes to Greg’s Van. Greg is holding Baby Steven. Sapphire knocks on the door.

Greg : Who is it?

Sapphire : Sapphire.

Greg : Come in.

Sapphire : Hello Greg. How is Steven?

Greg : Fine, I guess. I know Rose is gone but I’m glad I have my little boy who is like her.

Sapphire : I’m glad to hear that.

Greg : Just curious.. What happened out there? I heard screaming and crying.

Sapphire : Ruby and I were arguing. Don’t worry, Greg, it's normal.

Greg : Yeah.  Do you want to hold Steven?

Sapphire :  Sure.

Greg hands Steven over to Sapphire. Steven looks up at Sapphire. Sapphire smiles at him.

Sapphire : He is a cutie.

Greg : Thank you.

Sapphire rocks Steven in her arms gently and he falls asleep.

Sapphire : For all my time Earth, I haven’t seen a baby this calm before.

Greg : *chuckles* He gets it from his mother.

Sapphire : Yeah. He has much potential.

Greg : How is Ruby taking this?

Sapphire : Not good. She's mad and sad. She told me to leave.

Greg : Well, when Rose and I argue we talk things out in the end.

Sapphire : Talking won’t work.

Greg : It won’t work if you don’t say the right things.

Sapphire : You’re right. Thank you, Greg.

Sapphire leaves the van. Ruby is mumbling under her breath and pacing.

Sapphire : Ruby.

Ruby : Gah! What do you want?!

Sapphire : To talk. I know how upset you are. I’m just as upset as you are.

Ruby : Doesn’t feel like it.

Sapphire : I know it doesn’t.

Ruby starts to break down.

Ruby : It's not fair!

Sapphire : I know it isn’t.

Ruby : Why did she have to go?! Why couldn’t we have done anything?

Sapphire : I don’t know.

Sapphire holds her hand.

Ruby : How are we going to get past this?

Sapphire : I don’t know. But, Rose would’ve wanted us to be happy. We are going to get through this… together.

Ruby : *smiles*  I love you.

Sapphire : I love you too.

Sapphire kisses Ruby on the lips.  They sit down and watch the sun set. Sapphire lays her head in Ruby’s lap as the sun sets.

The end

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