Peridot is sitting on Steven's bed while Steven is at Connie's, watching Camp Pining Hearts. Amethyst shapeshifts into a cat and walks up stairs. Amethyst gets up on the bed and rubs up against Peridot. "What are you doing?" Peridot asks.

"Pestering you. I'm just bored," Amethyst responds. Amethyst climbs up onto Peridot's lap. 

"What type of life form are you now?" Peridot asks, interested in Amethyst's shapeshifting then her Tv Show.

"A cat! Cause cats are adorable!" Amethyst responds. Peridot pets Amethyst. Amethyst walks off Peridot's lap and shapeshifts into Peridot. "Now I'm you! 20% cooler!" Amethyst says.

"I'm cool?" Peridot asks.

"Duh," Amethyst responds.

"I always thought you were the cool one. The shapeshifting, the slangs, the jokes, the risky attitude, and your nicer to me," Peridot says.

"I just try to act cool," Amethyst says as she blushes. Her smile fades away and she crosses her arms, "Peridot.. my whole entire life I've felt horrible.. about myself. I'm suppose to be big like Rose and Jasper, but I came out small.  Then I came from a horrible place. Ugh."

"I..I like you for you," Peridot says, blushing and crossing her legs.

Amethyst blushes and smiles, "Thanks Peri."

                                                                              The end

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