Steven's First Kiss

Note : This takes place later in the series probably and its just a fanfiction, it will be probably similar. Connie is now 13 at this time probably.


Steven and Peridot are watching Camp Pining Hearts. Paulette and Percy kissed. “Ugh. This shouldn’t be Paulette and Percy. It should be Pierre and Percy kissing!” Peridot complained about her crack ship not happening. Steven started to wonder about kissing and Connie.  “Have you ever kissed?” Steven asked, curious. Peridot blushed knowing that she has a crush on Amethyst and hasn’t kissed anyone yet. “Umm. No!” Peridot said, embarrassed.

 “Same here!” Steven said relieved. Steven sighed. “Peridot.. Can you keep a secret?” Steven asked. Peridot nodded her head. “There's this girl I like, named Connie. She's beautiful, cool, and intelligent. I just don’t know how to tell her. I’m afraid she won’t like me back.” Steven expressed. “I’m not good at this love stuff. You should talk to Garnet, isn’t she made of two lovers?” Peridot suggested.

  “Yeah. I guess. Thanks, Peridot.” Steven said. Peridot gave him a thumbs up. Steven saw Garnet sitting alone. “Garnet?” Steven said. “Hello, Steven. Would you like to talk?” Garnet asked. Steven nodded. Steven sat down next to Garnet. “So. What's up?” Garnet asked. “Garnet, aren’t you made of love?” Steven asked. “Yes.” Garnet answered.

  “To be honest, I like Connie. But I don’t know how to tell her.” Steven expressed. “Steven, I’m glad you chose to come to me about this instead of the others. Don’t keep it inside you. Tell her, Steven. Tell her how you feel. And see what happens.” Garnet suggested, knowing the future. She took her visor off and winked at him. “Oh. Thanks, Garnet.” Steven said.

 “You’re welcome. Now talk to her.” Garnet said. Steven called Connie. “Hello?” Connie asked picking up. “It's me Steven! Connie, do you wanna hangout tonight?” Steven asked her. “I’d love to but I have to ask my parents. They’re still kinda weirded out.” Connie answered. “Okay.” Steven said. Connie put the phone down to ask, she came back. “I’m surprised but they said yes!” Connie said relived.

 “Yay!” Steven said, happy. “I’ll see ya later on. Okay?” Connie said. “Okay. See ya!” Steven said. Steven hung up. Garnet gave him a big thumbs up. Later on, Connie came over. “Hey!” Connie said.  “Hey!” Steven said. The two smiled and blushed at the same time. “Listen, Connie. Umm.. I..” Steven said. Connie stood there patient smiling. Steven kicked the ground, shy. “Connie, I-I-I like you.” Steven said in a nervous voice.

 “It's okay if you don’t like me.” Steven said. Connie laughed. “Steven, don’t be silly.” Connie said. Connie held Steven’s hand. “I like you too.” Connie said. The two blushed. Connie leaned in and Steven begun to lean in too. The Crystal Gems quietly watched as the two kissed. The two gently let go and smiled. “Aww Stevie had his first kiss!” Amethyst shouted out. “Amethyst!” Pearl cried annoyed.

  The two turned around embarrassed. “Dude! It's okay. I think you two make a nice pair.” Amethyst said. Steven chuckled. Then Peridot and Amethyst stared at each other for a little bit. “Steven, I’m proud of you.” Garnet said. Steven hung onto his neck. The gems smiled and went inside. Steven and Connie looked at each other. “So.. Do you wanna watch the sunset?” Connie asked. “Sure.” Steven answered.

 The two sat down and Connie laid her head on Steven’s shoulder. Steven lays his head on Connie’s which ends the episode.

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