Note : If this were to happen, it wouldn't be onscreen. This is based on a real life experience I had. The plot is that Steven has a nightmare that the gems loose once and for all, so the gems tell him everything will be alright.


Yellow Diamond is on Earth and attacks the Crystal Gems. She manages to poof all of them and crack their gemstones to shards. Steven wakes up from sleeping screaming. The Crystal Gems rush into the barn. Steven is breathing heavily. “Steven are you okay?” Pearl asked. Steven looks at the Crystal Gems, who are still here, and begins to cry. He hugs them.

 “Aww Steven.. What’s wrong?” Amethyst asked. “I had a nightmare.. It was about Yellow Diamond, she came to Earth and crushed you all.” Steven explained his nightmare crying. He sniffed. “Steven, We aren’t going anywhere.” Amethyst said in a comforting voice. “Amethyst is right, Steven. We aren’t going anywhere and if we do, it won’t be for a long long time.” Garnet said.

  “Ummm.. Steven. Remember the rain situation? And you told me it was thunder not the cluster. You taught me that the thunder isn’t the cluster.” Peridot said trying to tell Steven that it won’t happen. “Steven, how do you think we managed to stay on Earth for over 5500 years and protect it?” Pearl asked in a comforting voice. “You’re right. It was just a nightmare.” Steven said.

 Steven smiled and hugged them again. “I’m just so glad you’re still here.” Steven said. “Me too.” Pearl said. “Steven, we love you.” Garnet said. “I love you all too.” Steven said. “Now go back to bed. You need your sleep.” Garnet said. Steven nodded his head. Garnet tucked him in. The Crystal Gems left the barn.

 Steven smiled knowing everything would be just fine.

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