Note : This isn't a spoiler or anything real. I know it probably won't happen. This is a fanfiction. Hope you enjoy

(At The Barn)

Steven : (dances to music)

Peridot : Steven..

Steven : Yes, Peri?

Peridot : What are you doing?

Steven : Dancing.. to music.

Peridot : Mhm. 

Steven : Wanna join me?

Peridot : To fuse!?

Steven : No, silly. Just to dance.

Peridot : Fine.

(They dance)

Peridot : (dancing) This is quite fun, Steven.

Steven : Yes. Thats the point of dancing. To have fun!

Peridot : (trips) Agh! (falls on Steven)

They Fuse

Olivine : Oww! What happened? (opens eyes)

Pearl : I heard screaming. What happ-? (pulls out a mirror and hands it to them)

Olivine : (looks at mirror)

(Steven) : Woah.

(Peridot) : AGH! I didn't mean for that to happen!

(They unfuse)

Peridot : Umm..I.. (runs off)

Amethyst : Whats her deal?

Steven : We fused..

Amethyst : You guys fused!? Cool! What should I name your fusion.. Emerald..Pereven...Olivine! Yea! Olivine!

(In the barn)

Peridot : (breathes heavily) I can't believe that just happened.

Garnet :  Mhm.

Peridot : Agh! 

Garnet : Calm down. I know what just happened.

Peridot : How?

Garnet : Future vision. 

Peridot : Oh... Ugh.. Homeworld would be ashamed of this..

Garnet : Who cares? Your not a homeworld gem anymore, you one of us.

Peridot : A traderous clod?

Garnet : (chuckles) We aren't traderous clods. We rebelled for what we believed in. Homeworld doesn't care about anybody's feelings but their own.

Peridot : That is true. I have a question, Garnet. How did you feel when you first fused?

Garnet : When I first fused.. It was an accident and homeworld almost broke one half of me. The second time, was the real first time. I was happy, confused, and scared. Rose Quartz taught me that I can be who ever I want to be.

Peridot : Thank you, Garnet.

Garnet : Your welcome.

Peridot : (opens barn door)

Garnet : I think you should talk to Steven.

Peridot : Ok?


Steven : (plays guitar)

Peridot : Nice music.

Steven : Thank you.

Peridot : Was this your first fusion?

Steven : Not really. My first fusion was with Connie.

Peridot : Isn't Connie that human that came over on your birthday??

Steven : (nodded) It was nice.

Peridot : I think we should fuse, again. But not right now.

Steven : I'm proud of you Peridot.

Peridot : Me too.

Steven : I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Peridot : Goodnight.

Steven leaves

Peridot : (turns around)

Garnet : (thumbs up)

Peridot : (blushes)

Episode ends.

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