I hope you guys enjoy this!

Steven Bomb17 gave me this idea!!


Plot : Steven has nightmares because of stress and whats being going on, so a certain someone helps him.


Steven is in the truck asleep having nightmares. He finally wakes up screaming, Pearl rushes in.

Pearl : Steven! Are you okay?

Steven : *breathing heavily* I’m fine, just having a nightmare.

Pearl : Okay. If you need us, we’ll be working on the drill.

Steven : Ok.

Pearl leaves.

Steven : *sighs* Don’t worry about the cluster. Everything will be fine. Right?

Steven calms himself down and falls asleep. He starts dreaming about Yellow Diamond and the cluster again. It stops all of the sudden.

Steven : Huh? What’s happening?

Rose : Hello?

Steven : Who is there?

Rose : Me, Rose.

Steven : Mom?? Is this real?

Rose : Oh very real.

Steven : But how? Your not here anymore.

Rose : I’m part of you Steven. We can still communicate through our mind and gems.

Steven looks up at Rose and hugs her.

Steven : I’m so glad your here.

Rose : Me too. Steven, I know your going through a tough time. I know for the past year, a lot has gone on.

Steven : I know. It’s scary. Yellow Diamond, Malachite, The Cluster, Homeworld! Its so confusing and scary!

Rose : I know its scary, Steven.

Steven : But what if we don’t stop Yellow Diamond, Homeworld and The cluster? What if we loose?

Rose : You won’t. Steven, you are strong enough and will get through this. You will win.

Steven : Thank you, Mom.

Rose : *smiling* And I am so proud of you. You’ve grown so much  over the past two years. You even could redeem Peridot.

Steven : *smiles and blushes* I have a question.

Rose : Ask me anything.

Steven : I can’t fix anything with my healing spit. Why?

Rose : Well, You can’t heal anything because your under stress.

Steven : Oh.

Rose : Yeah. I love you, my son.

Steven : I love you too, Mom.

Rose kisses him on the head.

Rose : I will be here in your dreams whenever you need me. Goodbye Steven.

Steven : Goodbye mom.

Rose disapears and Steven wakes up and finds Pearl watching him.

Steven : Huh? Why are you here?

Pearl : I was worried about you. Are you okay?

Steven : Well, I’m scared of what has been going on. But a certain someone told me that I am strong and will get past this.

Pearl : Mhm. I’m glad you know that.

Steven : Yeah, me too.

Pearl : Good night.

Steven : Good night.

Pearl leaves.

Steven : *smiles* Thanks Mom.

Steven shuts his eyes and the episode ends.

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