After the epic battle between Malachite and Alexandrite, Malachite unfuses. Both of the gems are on the ground trying to recover. Alexandrite then unfuses. They walk towards Lapis.

"Don't hurt me!" Lapis screams, trying to recover and breathing heavily.

"Relax. We won't," Garnet says to Lapis.

"Good. Where's Steven?" Lapis asks, worried.

"He's at the barn right out of Beach City," Amethyst responds.

"Thank you," Lapis says. Lapis flies away to find Steven. 

"Great. Now we are stuck here. How are we gonna get back with the warp pad broken?" Amethyst asks, annoyed.

"We could try your helicopter," Pearl suggests.

 "That won't work. We always use the warp pads. How will we know where we are going in a helicopter?" Amethyst asks.

"I don't know," Pearl responds. Pearl gasps, "What if the cluster begins to activate?"

"Peridot knows what she is doing," Garnet responds. 

The gems notice Jasper on the ground breathing heavily but gets up, "Don't think this is over."

"It isn't? I thought we already kicked your butt!" Amethyst sarcastically asks. 

"Aren't you sweet," Jasper says, sarcastically.

"Face it Jasper, it's just us and you. You have none of your fancy tools and stuff. You can't cry to Yellow Diamond to help you," Amethyst tells Jasper.

"I know. I'm not afraid of you three," Jasper says. 

"Come at me, Jasper!" Amethyst yells. 

Jasper and Amethyst violently lunge near eachother.

"Stop!" Garnet yells.  "Look, arguing and fighting won't solve our issue."

"Garnet is right," Pearl says.

"Wish it did," Amethyst mummbles as she throws a rock.

"Why would I work with an overcooked gem, a defective Pearl, and a filthy war machine?" Jasper asks.

"Oh shut it! Compared to Yellow Diamond, your a grape!" Amethyst responds.

"You don't have to, Jasper. You just need to," Pearl responds to Jasper's question.

"Whatever. I'm probably gonna be here forever, anyways," Jasper says, crossing her arms.

"Fair game, Jasper. You wanna be shattered?" Garnet asks.

"No. I just want you to be shattered," Jasper responds.

Garnet half-smiles, "Then we need to find away back to the barn so we can stop the cluster."

Jasper rolls her eyes and growls, "Ugh. Fine."

"Good," Garnet says.

"AND NO BACKSTABBING! OR ELSE!" Amethyst threatens sharpening a stick with another.

"If," Jasper says.

"If what?" Pearl asks.

"If you beat me in a match, I will help you. If you don't, too bad, so sad," Jasper says, smiling.

"We don't have to promise you anything, Jasper," Pearl says.

"OH ITS ON!" Amethyst yells. 

"Ugh," Pearl sighs as she slaps her forhead.

They all summon there weapons.

"1..2..3.. Gems! Go!" Garnet directs. They all mount on Jasper at once but Jasper throws them off. The gems get up after being thrown off. Pearl takes her sphere and heads towards Jasper, Jasper grabs her sphere and breaks it. Amethyst hits Jasper with her whip, Jasper makes a knot.

"Hahaha! This is so easy. Keep it up!" Jasper laughs, teasing them.

The Crystal Gems hurdle up. "What do we do? We are losing!" Amethyst asks, freaking out.

"We need a plan and I have one. We need Jasper to be distracted by something or someone. Once she is, me and Garnet send her to where she can't fight anymore," Pearl suggests.

"Don't you think it's a little too complex?" Amethyst asks.

"I love it," Garnet says. The gems unhurdle.  Amethyst distracts Jasper by running, Jasper runs after her. Garnet sneaks up on Jasper and punches her to the ground with her gaunlet. Amethyst comes back to see a heavily-breathing Jasper laying on the ground.

"Give up Jasper?" Amethyst asks, smiling.

"No!" Jasper yells, breathing heavily. She tries to get up but fails, sore. "Yes," Jasper says.

"Haha!" Amethyst teases, smirking.

"Fair game. You won. You three make a great team," Jasper admits.

 Pearl blushes, "Aww thank you."

"Your welcome. Now help me up and I will help you," Jasper says.

The gems help up Jasper and they begin to search for the barn.

Episode Ends.

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