Peridot is watching Camp Pining Hearts, and Amethyst comes in to bother her.

  • Amethyst : Hey Nerd.

  • Peridot : Ugh. What do you want?

  • Amethyst : You watching your nerd fantasies?

  • Peridot : Its Camp Pining Hearts, for you’re  information.

  • Amethyst : *snickers*

Amethyst sees Paulette and Percy.

  • Amethyst : Hey! Hey! Its us! *snickers*

  • Peridot : *blushes*

  • Amethyst : I bet all this romance stuff is how you feel about me. *snickers*

  • Peridot : *blushes*

  • Amethyst : *flips hair* I bet you can’t stand the way I flip my hair. *snickers*

  • Peridot : *nervously sweats*

  • Amethyst : Heh heh. I know you want it. *snickers*

  • Peridot : *looks away nervously*

  • Amethyst : I bet you love me.

  • Peridot : Shut up!

  • Amethyst : Huh?


  • Amethyst : Peridot.

  • Peridot : I didn’t want you to know that I actually feel that way about you. I think you’re so funny, nice, and beautiful! You make me feel bigger...

  • Amethyst : Peridot, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you felt that way. I actually feel that way about you too.

  • Peridot : You do?

  • Amethyst : Yes! Thats why I have gave you abunch of cool nicknames, took the time to make a balloon for you, shape shifted to impress you, and I was really hurt when I thought you betrayed us. I like you, Peridot. I'm sorry I made you feel that way.

  • Peridot : Heh.

  • Amethyst : C’mere ya nerd! *kisses Peridot*

  • Peridot : *blushes* Um.. I..

  • Amethyst : Aww! You’re so cute when you blush.

  • Peridot : Thanks. That was nice.

  • Amethyst : Wanna do it again?

  • Peridot : *nods head*

  • Amethyst : *kisses Peridot again*

                  Episode Ends.

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